Top 5 Entities of Centralised Admission Process

India is becoming education hub with more number of applicants competing per seat for the educational courses. Centralized admission management is going to be critical for effective admission process execution.

There are many entities which play critical role in success of centralized admission process. Here are top 5 entities



1.Student/ Parent: Student should be able to define preference for his /her colleges where he/she is looking to take admission. If within particular area 100 institutes are available then student should be able to provide options ranging from 1 to 100 or depending upon his/her eligibility and based on preference of the college.

So, instead of visiting each individual institute student can fill single form to apply to all colleges under that University OR Government controlled admission process OR Group of Institutes .

Admission form needs to be comprehensive which would cover all the aspects including category, reservation (quota) for (EBC/ SBC/ Defense / Physically Handicapped etc).

Students should also be able to upload photograph/signature, marksheets, category certificate, leaving certificates through the system

In centralized admission process there is University quota and Other State quota of in most of the cases, apart from this there is reservation for female candidates.

ePravesh® has some of the features that facilitates management of all the aspects of reservation/ quota/ special cases .

2.Admission Admin Panel

This module handles all the configuration and administration of the system. Admission admin module has following features

Centralized Online Admission for Universities to manage online admission for multiple colleges

A.Quota Table Management: Admin can manage quota table according to rules and regulations of the government entity.

B.Student Data Management: All the applications data is available on single click which can be sorted/ verified/ exported to CSV / XML formats as per the requirement
C.Merit List Generation According to Govt Rules and Regulations and Weightages
D.Change Requests: Students can send their misc change requests through their login & admin can accept / reject the changes & open the submitted form for correction & resubmission
E.Student Grievance Management : Any student query/ correction in Name/Category can be communicated by the student which can be managed from admin panel

3.Admission Support
Resolution of Admission Queries over email/ System
Telephonic Support

Centralized admission process allocates students to individual colleges. Student needs to report to their allocated college to confirm/ cancel admission allotted in the respective rounds.

Online Admission Management

Online Admission Management

College admin should be able to login to the system to see the list of admitted / to cancel / Reject students allocated to the respective college.

College can admit student if student fulfills criteria of admission and all the required documents are according to online form filled by the student.

College can export admission data from the system to sync in with their internal systems if any.


It is crucial for university representative to have access to live admission statistics of day to day process.

University admin can login to the system to see total number of allotted students in their respective university.

Admission Data Analysis

Admission Data Analysis


Centralized admission system features of offers huge cost savings over traditional paper / table based approach.

Data is managed centrally & processed seamlessly to make the whole admission process itself hassle free. Each entity is able to access data at any given point of time which reduces confusion / anxiety.

Apart from student generating their admit letters from their respective logins, students/parents get email/ sms of their allotted colleges so that they can visit college within mentioned time period.

Entire platform being hosted in cloud environment, it automatically scales to ensure the availability & 100% reliability of the system. At the end, in the current world of instant access & process, if the systems are available on demand to help to its’ stakeholders then only it’s worth a dime!


demo of ePravesh online admission solution

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