5 Advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System for Paper Checking

Onscreen Evaluation System is the technology to improve current examination paper checking process. Traditional paper checking process is time consuming and involves many logistical activities.

Logistical Management:

Physically answer sheet to be stored at central location in secure environment. Exam paper checker need to visit this centralized location in order to evaluate answer sheets of the individual students. Location is one of the important constraint in such situation.

If there are thousands of answer sheet to be evaluated then you may need hundreds of evaluators who should visit this central location and evaluate answer sheets in secure manner.

Moderators are also expected to visit location to  moderate / recheck answer sheets. Time consumed for this activity along with cost is higher.


Student Request for Answer Sheet Copy :

Now a days there are norms where students can request to have photocopy of the checked/evaluated answer sheet. In traditional method it becomes tedious job of manually getting out answer sheet and photocopying it in order to issue it to student.


Identity Disclosure:

In traditional way of answer sheet evaluation it is essential to hide identify of student details to avoid malpractices. Manually each answer sheet should be arranged so as to hide identity of the student.

OnScreen Evaluation of Answer Sheets

Onscreen evaluation eliminate most of the hassles of traditional proces

1.Answer Sheet Scanning: It involves process to scan each answer sheet and store in software system in secure manner.

2. Answer Sheet Evaluation: There is no location constraint in such case. Any examiner/ answer sheet checker or Moderator can verify/ evaluate answer sheets sitting at their location . Person can securely login to the system and can evaluate scanned answer sheets.

Technology driven process is efficient and time needed to evaluate answer sheet reduces significantly as physical  handling of answer sheet is eliminated.

Logistical cost and travel management of each evaluator/moderator is  eliminated.

3. Result Generation becomes automated as system can directly calculate result and can generate marksheet instantly. It can eliminate process of manually entering marks in the software,

4. Student request for scan copy can be managed easily from the software system.

5. Re-Evaluation of Answer Sheet :  Sometimes students request for re-evaluation or rechecking of answer sheets. Onscreen evaluation makes it simpler to do this activity. This process can be completed in record time.It can help to generate results in quick time.

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