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TOP 5 reasons Why you Should go for an MBA ?

If you are working in the organization for a while after your under graduate degree and wondering if you should go for an MBA by taking in between career break. Here are some of the reasons why you should go for an MBA.


1. Moving Up the Career Ladder : MBA education certainly provides domain knowledge of various sectors. It definitely helps you to improve your analytical ability to understand business problems and business solutions in effective way. Your profile would look different and it would certainly help you to command position with higher responsibility and  opportunity to interact with higher management of the organization. Your career growth might be little slower if you do not opt for an MBA or do not have MBA degree with you.

2. Standout in the Competition: MBA degree from decent university/Institution helps to reinforce your CV among the competition for niche job profiles, promotion roles. Indian incorporation are hungry for the profiles of the candidates having prior work experience and MBA degree. There is huge demand for highly skilled professionals with degree like MBA in the Indian business context.



3. Improving your Personality : If you are not good  in presentation skills, interpersonal skills, Business communication skills then MBA is your great chance to work on those skills. It will add dimension of communication to your technical abilities.

MBA curriculum involves many case study analysis, presentations, competitions, group work, analysis of business case. It would certainly provide you exposure to improve your business skills.


4. Enhancing Employability : No one can guarantee that you would remain with your job all the time in your career. Recession period are always going to hunt you. MBA degree would certainly improve your employability and it also widens your career options during tough times. There are examples of many professionals who managed to get jobs during recession due to MBA degree and prior experience.

5. Break from your routine Job: Are you feeling bored due to your routine job, looking for change in the life , have high ambition in the life ? Joining MBA would certainly recharge you with new learning. It will help you to understand business prospective of the work you are already doing. It is also good opportunity to go back to college days.

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