Top 5 Ways to Attract Students to Institute

Top 5 Ways to Attract Students to Institute

According to a survey by youth market research firm, 88% of college-bound students value career preparation or future success over traditional personal growth or pursuit of passions. They are tough customers for any enrollment department to attract. To meet enrollment target, institutions often attempt to introduce new degree programs or to launch broad, institution wide advertising and marketing campaigns. To successfully attract students, new program offerings must align with following major techniques-

Using alumna network

Alumni provide institutions an opportunity to make personal connections with prospective students who may identify better with the individual alumni than the institution itself. Peer to peer sharing is a powerful approach, with students more willing to trust information they receive from other students, rather than a large, faceless institution.

Use Alumna as brand ambassador for responding to students for their queries on online social forums, conduct small workshop/ sessions with prospective students where alumna can resolve queries. For all such activities alumna should be rewarded.


Sharing alumna success stories

Every past student from your institution is also potentially a brand ambassador, each with his/her own unique story to tell about how your institution changed his/her life for the better – and boosted his/her career.

Employability is a key issue for prospective students, so it always helps to share their success stories on your website, for attracting students.


Writing blogs/articles about achievements of the present students

This is one of the most significant ways to attract students. Institutions should make effective use of online space, focusing on a variety of new platforms for external management and communication.

Institutions should make greater use of social media and digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and publish articles and blogs about the achievements of the present students. This definitely helps to create a brand of your institute and in turn attracts prospective students.

Sharing success stories of your faculty

Unlike the past, students nowadays are keen to know about the faculty at your institution. So it is advisable to share the achievements and accolades that your faculty has received so that prospective students give higher ranking to your institute.

A brief report of conferences/seminars held at your institute also adds to strengthening the image of your institute. When faculty gets some award for paper presentations, participates in some international conference then such news should be right way shared with prospective students.

Organizing competitions

State and national level competitions increase brand awareness and interaction with students. Getting the sponsorship helps to expand your customer base. But students will participate in your contest for only one reason: they hope to win a prize.

Therefore, your prizes must be a fit for the platform and your target audience. Competitions are one of the most effective techniques to attract students.


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