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Aadhar may be made mandatory for online courses

Aadhar would be mandatory for online courses

Aadhar number is a unique number provided to every individual citizen of India assigning them with an exclusive identification document containing their demographic and biometric information. The requirement of Aadhar card is increasing in each and every field these days and will be covering the entire system in coming time.

mandatory Aadhar for Running Online Courses

Provisions of Aadhar number for online courses

In middle of all these requirements, online education which is governed by the UGC (University Grants Commission) Rules amended its provisions by including a new rule saying that Aadhar number will be compulsory for any online course to be learnt by any person.

Eligibility criteria for an Institution to be recognized

According to the eligibility criteria for an institution to be recognized for online programs, the Higher Education Institution (HEI) should have been in existence as a university for at least 5 years. The institute should be accredited with a minimum score of 3.25 on a point scale of 4 from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

There is a list of documents and requirements needed for the institute to be satisfied for getting it registered for online courses. There are various other procedures implemented by the authorities to find out whether the institute is eligible for organizing online classes or not. The courses which would be offered online will be among those courses only which are offered offline as well. No new course should be available only online.

Eligibility checks by expert team 

An expert team is appointed for checking out all the eligibility criteria of the institute and to give them permission for allowing them to offer online courses. Proper teaching staff should be appointed by the institutes so that they can look after the students studying via online courses in a better way. If the strength of the students for a particular lecture goes above 500 then one teaching assistant should be mandatorily appointed apart from the full time director, registrar, assistant registrar and academic staff.

Key role of infrastructure and technical amenities

Infrastructure plays an important role in this type of courses as the only link between the institute and the students would be the computers or the systems which are used for this purpose. This makes it important for the institutes to have an advanced range of system modules and amenities. Various e-learning modules and live webinars need a lot of technical amenities like better bandwidth, better connectivity and a IT expert present there for any defects if occurred.

Benefits of making Aadhar mandatory

Linking of Aadhar number with every online course will increase the chances of getting better statistics of what is the response of the course and what are the measures which we can take to increase them. The availability of statistics helps government to know the changing interests of the students and also the preferences of various age groups of people who are interested in the range of different courses.

Aadhar was introduced with the main aim of creating a unique identity of every individual so that by that number we can search all the things about that person. Mandatory linking of Aadhar number is required in bank accounts, mobile numbers, gas services and for passport application. If the linking of Aadhar number becomes mandatory to online courses as well than the data pertaining to the courses will also be shared with the Aadhar authorities.

The linking of Aadhar number with multiple applications is in a way better for the nation as the government will be able to have closer insights on the person’s interest and the changing nature of the population.

There are certain limitations as well of the same, like if the data falls in wrong hands than it would be a huge loss to people as their confidential information would be at a risk. Preventive measures if taken than these types of risks can be overcome.



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