Career in BBA or B Com, Which is better ?

The choice between BBA or B Com solely depends upon your inclination , aptitude and passion. Each is a 3 year course after 12th and offers multiple career choices.

BBA or B com

BBA implies Bachelor in Business Administration whereas B Com implies Bachelor in Commerce. If you have studied Maths stream or Commerce in class XII, you are eligible to apply both for BBA and B.Com courses.

B.Com is a more traditional course and is being offered by several well-known universities whereas BBA is relatively a much new course and is being offered by few well-known universities.

FY B Com Admission Pune

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What Course Should You Pursue?

Generally, people who want to pursue B.Com want to be hardcore financial number crunchers, they are people generally devoted to finance and even if they pursue MBA after B.Com they generally choose finance as their area of specialization. Besides doing MBA, they can also choose to do M.Com, CA, ICWA. They can also join jobs in the accounts department of companies, or they can also work with banks and finance and tax consultants.

BBA course is a more comprehensive course which aims to better equip the student with other aspects of business besides finance like Human Resource, Marketing, Operations and Systems. BBA courses are industry tailored courses aimed at equipping the student with requisite managerial skills.

Students who graduate in BBA can pursue their post graduation only in MBA; alternatively, they can also seek employment in companies as management trainees. Some people may also decide to pursue part-time MBA while working. As a BBA graduate, you can seek to specialize in finance as well as streams other than finance such as HR, Operations, Productions, Materials Management, Marketing and Systems.

BBA and B.Com Course Structure

B.Com syllabus comprises Business Organization & Management/Business and Industrial Laws/Business Mathematics and Statistics/Computer Applications in Business/Business Environment, Accountancy (Financial and Cost Accountancy)/ Financial Management, Company Law, Taxation, Economics, Marketing Management, International Trade, Human Resource Management.

BBA Syllabus comprises Principles of Management, Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Economics, Operations Research, Financial and Management Accounting, Production and Materials Management, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Marketing Management, Business data processing, Business Laws.

Admission Process for B Com and BBA

NoCourse NameForm + Entrance Exam FeeApply
1 BBA in International BusinessRs 500Apply Online
2BBA in Computer ApplicationsRs 500Apply Online
3B ComRs 1175Apply Online
4BBA in Financial ServicesRs 500Apply Online
5BBA in Financial ServicesRs 800Apply Online
5 B.Com (Hons) – CMA IntegratedRs 500Apply Online


Choice of College

There are very few good colleges offering BBA course whereas the number of well-known colleges offering B.Com course are plenty. If you are chalked out for hard course finance, then you might opt for B.Com even if you get selected for BBA, due to the college reputation.

On the other hand, if you are open to exploring management streams including as well as other than Finance and you also want to study a course for getting quickly absorbed in the corporate/business sector then you might opt for BBA. Several times it is difficult to make up your mind so in that case, it is best to take an aptitude test to understand what you are best suited for.

To Sum Up……

Choice, of Course, depends on:

  • Aptitude of student
  • Score of student in entrance
  • College reputation
  • Career prospects
  • Opportunities
  • Constraints

It is advisable not to think of how much money you will be able to make but carefully analyze your interests and aptitudes before choosing an alternative and then steadily work towards honing your aptitude and skills in your specific area of interest. From the broader approach, the narrower and reach your pinnacle.


FY B Com/ BBA  Admission Pune

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FY BCom from MMCC Pune150Apply
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