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  • Healthy Lifestyle Related Seminar

    Healthy Lifestyle Related Seminar

    The impact of changing modern lifestyle and the absence of exercise has put the personal and public health in unhealthy situation. Medical practitioners as well as the general public will benefit from this seminar dedicated to ‘Disease-Free and Healthy Life’ and truly understanding the meaning of a Healthy Lifestyle. A Souvenir shall also be published on this occasion.

  • Animation, Industrial Design, Video Gaming Design

    Animation, Industrial Design, Video Gaming Design

    Sectors like Media, Entertainment , creative advertising, film industry , gaming is looking for innovation.
    Innovation in terms of creativity, fresh ideas which will help come up with attractive campaigns, products, advertisements for the customers. Animation and design are one such crucial sector which is going to see rapid growth in the coming years time. India would need many professional in the area of product design, animation, video gaming design.