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Continuing Higher Education for Better Career Growth

As per latest reports related to percentage of students who opt for higher education, it stands around 11 to 12% across India. This figure is not satisfactory considering India Incorporation needs huge skilled resources in the coming decade to continue GDP growth rate of 9 to 9.5 % per annum. In addition to this most of the PG courses offered by various institutes , universities are out of date and are not in sync with the industry requirements. Industry requirements are changing and syllabus contents of many PG course lags behind the corporate requirements.

Education Reforms: Charging capitation fee by Education Institute would be a cognizable offence!!!

There is huge demand for medical, technical and higher education in India. As compared to demand , overall number of quality educational institutions are very low. This leads to unethical practices from some of the institutes.

Students always try to get admission to their dream institute by any means. This leads to huge demand for some of the courses. Charging capitation for non merit list student is norm for some of the institutes.This is going to be changed soon.

Executive MBA , Part Time MBA : Changes happening in India

Harward Business School, University of Stanford, UK based schools have innovative programs for working executives. It becomes easier for the working professionals to join evening or weekend classes and fulfill the aspiration to be an MBA graduate with quality education while continuing with the job. Getting education from reputed institute with qualified degree is the main attraction for such course. Many professionals are getting trained with such programs.