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Make great careers in Manufacturing Sector Piping Design , Plant Equipment Design,Process Engineering

Manufacturing sector of any country plays a major role in its economic growth. Though the economic rise in Indian growth is majorly because of the IT sector but still manufacturing has a huge contribution towards this development.

According to Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) – ASCON survey, 41 out of 121 sectors in the manufacturing industry are estimated to grow at 20 per cent or more in 2010-11 as against 34 sectors that had reported such growth during 2009-10; the top performers being air conditioners, tractors, fertilizers, construction equipment, tires, et al.

UnderGraduate Courses options after HSC Exam

Due to recent growth in various sectors across India, education has opened career opportunities in many fields. Engineering and Medical were traditional preferred courses for the students completing their 12th. Now because of new innovative industry oriented practical courses, students have many options to make career in the fields like Animation, industrial design,embedded systems,economics, hotel management. Now there is opportunity for the students to follow their interest rather than going for traditional courses.

Animation, Industrial Design, Video Gaming Design

Sectors like Media, Entertainment , creative advertising, film industry , gaming is looking for innovation.
Innovation in terms of creativity, fresh ideas which will help come up with attractive campaigns, products, advertisements for the customers. Animation and design are one such crucial sector which is going to see rapid growth in the coming years time. India would need many professional in the area of product design, animation, video gaming design.