Do not ignore those 6 things while advertising institute courses

Do not ignore those key 6 things while advertising institute courses

While the admission season is dawning upon us, the institutes are thrown into a frenzy of activities. Right from brushing up on the courses to trying to reach the students through various sources, there is a lot for institutes to focus on during this period.

In this flurry, there are pivotal things that can be overlooked while planning your marketing strategy. Here is a quick guide to things that you shouldn’t ignore while you are advertising for the courses that your institute offers.

1.   Institute Certifications


This is one of the important points that not only students but the parents are also interested in. Certifications and assurances help the students know the quality of studies that you provide. Hoping

 It is looked upon as a standard of comparison between different colleges. Projecting your certifications builds a relationship of trust with your potential students

Some of the coveted certifications in India are:

NAAC Accreditation

NAAC Accreditation for Institutes, universities in india

NAAC stands for National Assessment and Accreditation Council. As the name suggests NAAC is an organisation that assesses and accredits higher education institutes in India.

Accreditation by this council determines the quality in terms of education, infrastructure, research, training and learning. NAAC is one of the most coveted and major accreditation agency.

ISO certification

ISO Certification

 The full form of ISO is the International Standard Organization. The certification provided by this institute is internationally recognized. ISO certification helps to develop a quality management system.


To be eligible for this certification, institutes have to be compatible with the requirements laid down by the organization. While ensuring compatibility, it helps institutes function in an exceptional manner at the same time provide improved services.



CRISIL Rating for Education in India

 CRISIL is an independent and rigorous heading system. It is a global analytics company and India’s leading rating agency. This rating helps an institution achieve a higher degree of academic excellence and establish the right profile with the students.


During the rating analysis, a significant amount of emphasis is placed on the institute’s track record. For many students, CRISIL Rating is a benchmark for understanding the quality of education that is imparted by an institution.

2.   Alumni Testimonials

Feedback from Alumna and testimonials

Alumni are an important part of any educational institute. They are effective role models for students. They help in providing credibility and justification not just to the course but to the entire institute.

The alumni are a resource for the institute. They are helpful in more ways than one. The testimonials by the alumni play a pivotal role not only in improving motivation but also in strengthening confidence in the college.

They act as mentors and have been known to be an influential medium not only among the future applicants but also among the university students. The successful senior alumni act as idols for their juniors.

Video testimonials of alumni help in marketing as the alumnus themselves help to reach a broader audience. Views and positive statements made by then through various media channels are very beneficial for an institution’s reputation.

Alumni are able to better connect with potential students. They have a better idea about what the new generation looks for in their ideal college. They also play an influential role in encouraging their family members and friends to consider the same college that they attended.

3.   Achievements of your teachers and professors

Teacher Professor Achievements

Teachers and professors are the pillars and backbones of any educational institution. Due to the growing awareness, everyone recognizes the importance of qualified teachers.

A qualified educator plays a crucial role in the success of not only the students but also the college on the whole. They also lift the rate of student achievement as they are well equipped to impart high-quality teaching.

While marketing your institute keep in mind to throw some light upon the various achievements of your teaching faculty. Giving references to some of your highly qualified educators could work in your favor.

According to a study by International Student Survey in 2017, high-quality teaching is one of the most important factors for a student while choosing a college for higher studies. The same survey states that almost 70% of students strongly agree that having highly qualified teaching staff indicates that a university provided good quality teaching.

Keeping all this in mind, it becomes essential to advertise various achievements of your teaching staff. If any of your staff members have been on an acclaimed committee or have received recognition because of their work, you should not shy away from mentioning this during your marketing and even praising them for the same.

4.   Post-course completion placement records

Placement activity

It is futile to deny that in the current economic climate employability is not important. Given the contemporary socio-economic scenario, it is important for graduates to feel secure about finding a good job after the completion of their course.

This is where your placement records play an important role. According to the director of marketing at a reputed college in the UK, a university’s ability to offer adequate placement opportunities has become an important factor in a student’s decision to apply to a certain university.

Your university should have a separate placement Cell in place. It should be based upon the sole motto of making students ‘industry-ready ‘.

While marketing your courses you should talk about the success of your placement Cell in providing jobs to young graduates. It is also important to mention the various activities of the committee which prepares the students for the future and provides them with necessary life-skills to handle the problems that may arise irrespective of which path they choose.

There is strong evidence which suggests that placement records are checked by students before applying to an institute. So make sure that these records are updated regularly and are easily available to students.

5.   Industry Tie-ups

Industry interactions of institute

Over time, a university ‘s links with the relevant industries have become a crucial factor in helping students choose their future courses as well as colleges. In the current age, brand association has become important.

Arguably one of the main reasons that students choose to pursue higher studies is because of the preparation it provides for life in the economic world. Therefore, tie-ups with industries are viewed as a positive and progressive step by students.

According to Andrea Turley, the marketing director at Anglia Ruskin University (UK),

“Graduate employment opportunities are another key component of these partnerships which reflects a desire among students for practical experiences that add real value.”

The University has adopted a multifaceted approach of partnership which focuses on creating opportunities for students.

These kinds of the-ups are a win-win situation for both the institutes as well as the industries. By using the expertise of well-established industries to refine the curriculum, industries can make it more relevant and industry-ready. Besides placements, they also offer internships, volunteering experience and research opportunities which attracts future graduates.

On the other hand, through a tailored curriculum, industries can identify and train future employees. This helps them remain in the game and makes it easier to upgrade their workforce.

Therefore, it is critical for institutes to form industry tie-ups and to advertise these them while talking about institute courses. Students feel more confident about their future and are attracted to universities which provide them with a chance for a secure future.

6. Your Website and Social Media presence

Social Media and website for institute during advertisement strategy

In this age of digital media, everything is online. And if your marketing is not, then you may be losing out on the chance to connect to a huge portion of prospective students.

The student of today has grown up with social media. It has become a huge and important part of their lives. These students don’t just rely on descriptive brochures or repetitive emails to choose their colleges.

According to a Zinch & Inigral Survey, 72% of students passing out from 12th standard reported that they researched their prospective colleges on a social media site. In addition to this, the report also said that more than one-time states that social media helped them decide which college to choose.

Students turn to digital media while researching colleges mostly because it is convenient. It is possible for a student sitting hundreds of miles away to get information just by clicking a few buttons.

It helps them know about the institute, and it’s courses but also about its faculty and infrastructure. Therefore, it is imperative for institutes to have an active and robust social media presence.

Having a fully functional website benefits a college in many ways. It becomes easier to connect with future students and to communicate with them. You can also reach a broader audience with more engaging content.

It is a good idea to curate student content using blogs and hashtags. You can keep a forum through which students can ask their questions and leave their feedback.

A good web page helps win the confidence of a younger age group. It is possible for you to discuss all your unique points and show how you are different than others who are offering the same course.

Similarly,  maintaining well-updated social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are important to capture the attention of prospective students. Your social media walls should aim to not only be informative but also interactive.

The top 5 Facebook pages of universities are


1.   Boston College

Bostan College FB Page for student activities

The page stands out because it has content which engages not only its students but also the various departments of the college. By the clever use of tagging and hashtag, they are able to coordinate among themselves.


2.   University of California, Berkley

Berkeley University FB Page

 The university encourages students to play an active role in keeping their social media platform relevant. Right from putting out hashtags to efficiently handling cross-promotion across all social media handles, the university has managed to amass a good fan following.


3.   Michigan State University


The working strategy of this university’s page is to engage the audience. By making the content more relevant and engaging for the audience, they are successfully able to make their audience share the posts.


4.   George Washington University

George Washington University

The university resonates with the audience through creative strategies. By putting out hashtags like #PictureGW, they encourage students to share snippets of campus life and at the same time inculcate pride for the University.



5.   The University of Texas, Austin

Texas University

 What sets this page apart is their appropriate use of the “call-to-action” feature of Facebook. By using it judiciously, they have been able to keep in touch with not only prospective students but also anyone who is interested in the workings of the University like teachers and parents.

At the same time, you should also have some video content not only on your website but preferably also on your YouTube channel. Video content can capture a wider range of audience and helps to explain processes better as compared to written content.

Short, relevant videos can catch the attention of the students and make a mark on them. The YouTube channels of the following colleges rank in top 5.


1.   MIT

MIT Youtube Channel

Even though MIT has a similar page to other universities, what separates it from the rest is the proper segmenting of videos and promoting the right videos for the right crowd. They also make a conscious effort to maintain a high standard which ensures not only informative but also captivating videos.


2.   The European Graduate School


 Even though the school has adopted a minimalistic approach towards the visual aspect, it makes up for it by publishing enriching content delivered by industry experts. They have a range of videos on a multitude of subjects which adds to its credibility.


3.   The University of Oxford

Oxford University Youtube Page

The unique approach adopted by this university which differentiates it from the rest is that they have a separate ‘How to Apply’ section on their channel. This helps them reach out to millennial and make the admission process simple and hassle-free.


4. University of Oregon

This university has adopted to show the cultural and student life of the university for marketing. They talk about the lesser known clubs and committees that students are attracted to. One such video feature the university a Capella group in action.


5. University of Virginia

Going a step farther, the university has a separate channel for their team sports. The college maintain a professional athletic club and proudly shows of their achievements through this channel.

It is important to consider various points in order to reach the right audience while advertising academic courses of an institution. Following these tips will definitely give you an edge in your advertising and help you in designing a strong and efficient marketing strategy.

demo of ePravesh online admission solution

5 Biggest mistakes to avoid during online Admission Process

Admission process mistakes

Admission process is key touch point for students with education institute. Education institute should ensure that admission process is easy and should help students to fill admission form without any kind of hassle.

Admission process is becoming online and techs savy according to student requirements. Students using smart phones and are accessing institute admission forms and website using mobile phones.

Simplified admission process can help institute or university to build brand amongst students as it can improve perception of education institution in student minds.

However there are some of the key things you must ensure to execute admission process without any glitches. Below are some of the biggest mistakes should be avoided during implementation of online admission system.

5 mistakes to avoid during online admission process

1.Not Providing Admission form in Native Language


Admission process is key entry point. Some of the students might be applying for courses specific to regional language like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telgu etc.


Admission form in English language can be major hindrance for student satisfaction and overall admission process.


Online Admission form should be made available in regional languages to reduce queries, anxiety of the students.


Many educational entities implement online admission process which is available only in English Language.

Support for regional language student is also missing. It creates confusion and frustration for the students. It can lead to online admission process failure.

Admission Form in native language

ePravesh platform helps institutes to define online admission form in regional languages. Students can see admission form fields in regional language along with English. It helps them understanding form entities. Providing sample admission form also helps students to understand how to fill online admission form.

2. Not focusing on resolving Student queries or concerns

Student Query Resolution During Admission Process

Admission process can create confusion, queries for the students. There should be professional mechanism to resolve student queries.

There are instances where thousands of students tries to apply for particular course of the university , during this process some of the queries remain unresolved. Students are unable to call phone number as line gets busy and other mechanisms of query resolution live Live Chat, Email are missing for many universities.

It can lead to failure of admission process. Many students and parents end up complaining to higher authorities for admission queries.


There should be standardized process to resolve queries of the students. Query resolution should be time bound and proactive. It helps to reduce anxiety of the students. They can apply for admission process without any kind of queries and concerns.


Technology like chatbot are also helping institutes to simplify and automate student query management process. Chatbot works for 24 hours a day and it can easily manage to resolve frequently asked concerns or queries of the students.


Chatbot gets trained based on inputs and queries of the students. Common queries are resolved instantly over live chat session. It accelerates query resolution process for the students.


ePravesh has successfully implemented online chatbot for many education institutes and universities. It is helping them to automate and simplify query resolution process.

3. Not Providing training to all stakeholders

Online Admission Training

Online Admission Process has many stakeholders including counseling team, students, admission technical support team, institute staff, Vice Principal, Registrar.

All those entities are crucial for the success of admission process. Prior training before starting online admission process is must for all stakeholders. If they are not able to understand how to use system effectively then it can create confusion and can lead to manual errors in admission process.


Many education institutions implement online admission process without taking into confidence of stakeholders.

It can result in in appropriate usage of the system and can result in online admission process failure.

Proper training to stake holders is must for success of online admission process. Training can be provided in the form of How to Video, reference training documentation, mock process orientation.

ePravesh team provides training to all stakeholders prior to starting admission cycle. Training helps individuals to understand detailed functionality of the system. It leads to accuracy in implementation of online admission process.


4. Not focusing on admission data and analytics

Admission Data ANalytics for decisions

Admission data generate lot of information and some of the statistics is key for admission process success. It can help institutes to define further course of action for marketing of their courses in specific regions or cities.

Many institutes ignore important historical statistical data of admission process like category wise applicants, regional distribution, city or pin code wise applicant distribution, male female ratio. Ignoring such data can lead to lack of clarity for the institute about progress of their admission cycle and projected number applicants likely to apply for their course.

ePravesh platform helps to analyze all statistical information of like category wise applicants, regional distribution, city or pin code wise applicant distribution, male female ratio.

It helps to understand how institute course is performance, what is overall popularity of the course. Historical data can be useful while defining marketing activity of the institute to attract more number of students based on specific region, city or pin code.


5. Not focusing on continuous communication with students

Student communication during admission process

Admission process is time bound activity. There are various steps including online registration, form fee payment, merit list, student grievance, First installment of fee payment, admission cancellation, second round merit list, rejection list. All those events are highly time bound and students or parents should be communicated about each of the event using various modes of communication.

There are many universities who just publish admission list on institute notice board or on some link on website.

They do not communicate with students about it using various mediums like email,  sms. It usually results in many students skipping time bound admission information.

It can cause missed opportunity of taking admission within specified  date and time. It would result in dis satisfaction for the students and parents.

Email, SMS, live notifications, online notice board should be used for effective communication with prospective  students. Proactive  communication helps students to understand various deadlines. It can help them to complete various time bound activities to avoid last minute hurry.

ePravesh platform helps institutes and universities to define communication strategy and for each of the admission event of fee payment, merit list publishing, admission cancellations etc students are communicated over email, sms and personal notification. It helps to avoid delays in reaching admission notification to students.

Following are some of the key events of admission process and proactive , personalized communication is essential to avoid admission process failure.


A. Admission Process Details

Admission notice should be broadcasted or effectively communicated to student community. Institutes can use social media channels for cost effective communication along with email and sms modes.


B. Admission Process Dates with deadlines


Entire admission cycle along with deadline for each process should be defined clearly without any confusion.


It can be broadcasted or communicated clearly to each applicant or student who is registering for the admission process.


C. Merit List Publishing

When-ever institute is publishing merit list it should be communicated to all applicants using various channels like email,sms, publishing online notice on website, communication over social media channels etc.


Individual merit rank of the students should be available in respective login of the student. Student can login to check individual ranking in the merit list.

D. Student Grievance Communication

There should be proper mechanism of student grievance management.


Student should be able to communicate or file grievance related to admission form, fee payment, incorrect information etc using online grievance system


ePravesh platform supports online grievance process which helps students to record grievance and keep track on its resolution.


Admission team is able to manage all such grievances in professional manner within admission cycle deadline.


E. Admission Fee Payment

Admission fee payment date and total fee to be paid should be communicated to eligible students using personalized email and sms channels.


Students would be able to make fee payment or first installment of their admission due to proactive communication strategy.

F. Admission Cancellation Confirmation

Admission cancellation is one of the key admission process. Lack of proper process for cancellation or refund of fee payment can lead to anger among students.

ePravesh platform provides seamless cancellation process for the students as well as admin team of admission committee of the institute. It helps them to track number of cancellations and total vacant seats for the subsequent admission rounds.


G. Second Round Admission Merit List

Second or subsequent admission round notification should be communicated in professional manner using various channels of social media, email and sms communication process.

It helps students to understand vacant seats available in the next rounds.



If you focus on basic things of proactive  communication, simplified admission process  then you can easily manage key process of online admission for your institution. Professional and simplified admission process helps in brand building of the institution and it can lead to more students applying for your courses.


How Education institutes can use videos for marketing their courses

Education sector has been evolving over the years. Marketing of the new and niche course has become important activity  to attract targeted students for the course. Apart from traditional methods social media marketing has been picking  up . It is cost effective way of marketing as  student community extensively uses social media in their day to day life.


Videos for Marketing

Video Marketing Facts

Above statistics clearly showing video is the future for education institutes as well.  More videos are  being watched and preferred by the student community rather than traditional blogs and informative texts.

Video marketing can have better engagement and it can also help you to go viral on social media with more number students can view your video.

Videos are powerful and small 1 minute videos can also be shared on whatsapp.

Whatsapp has come up with business app. As an education institute you can define your whatapp channel to interact with students. Smaller videos can also be shared on whatsapp.


Social Media Impact of Video

Videos can have positive impact on your marketing campaign and it can help to reach out and attract more number of students. Users prefer to see videos. Message communication using video is powerful and impacting. Users prefer to see small introductory and interesting videos instead of reading lengthy articles or information.

Following are some of the video samples which you can refer.

Introduction of Institute


In the above video one of the training institute video is able to make positive impression about their offering. It is a short  minute video  provides detailed information about its offering and advantages of the course.

Students prefer watching such type of videos instead of reading articles. New technology and tools can help you to define such videos . Posting such videos on social media should be done regularly to improve engagement with your prospective students.


Student Testimonial Video

Current students or alumna plays critical role in brand building of the institute. We had already explained it in our previous articles about importance of alumna for branding of the institute. You can use it in preparing video. Short video can be prepared which would include students expressing their opinion about course, curriculum, institute, campus placement etc.  There is likelihood that such video could get viral on social media and it can help you to reach out to more prospective students.

Course Introduction Video

If you have launched unique course or want to communicate advantages of the course for the students then video can be good strategy. Famous professor or teachers of the course can share their opinion about it, this opinion can be recorded using mobile phone camera. Similarly opinion of the industry veteran can be taken into consideration and it can also be recorded using camera. Both things can be combined into small video. It can be published on social media . Prospective students would find it appealing.


  • Video marketing is emerging thing and as an education entity you should identify video marketing as one of the important thing for brand building of the institute. Video marketing can be cost effective way to attract students for your courses.
  • More prospects can see your offering through video rather than text, informative articles
  • Videos can go viral on social media
  • Videos are useful to increase your social media following.




How School Admission Process can be simplified with Digital Approach

Online School Admission Process


About School Admission Process

School Admission Process is one of the key event for the school, parent and child. Most of the cases , school publishes advertisement for inviting application forms. Hard copy applications are accepted for certain no of days and then based on location preference and other criterias admissions are allotted to the childern. In majority of the cases parents need to fill multiple application forms to ensure admission at minimum one school.

Technology can help schools to go digital for admission process. Online admission form can be filled by parents from any location along with form fee can also be paid online.

AADHAR Integration

Schools have started collecting AADHAR number of child and parents. Verification of AADHAR can be easily automated with the help of ePravesh platform. ePravesh has integrated application form filling with AADHAR so that when parents enter their AADHAR number, system verify it using one time password sent on the authorized AADHAR user. After successful verification application form is auto filled with details like name, surname, date of birth, gender, address etc. Application form filling process can also get simplified and parents can fill  the form in quick time with AADHAR integrated application process.


Online Fee Collection

Parents can make form fee payment online and download receipt instantly. School admin can get details of applications  received and entire status of admission process can be tracked using dashboard.

After confirmation of Admission system can send automated email/sms to the parents to make tuition fee for the respective semester/ year. System also has facility to define various fee structures and send subsequent alerts to the users about fee payment.

School Admission Process


Advantages of Digital Approach for School Admission Process

  1. Parents find it easy to fill the form instead of standing in long queue
  2. Online application with AADHAR integration provides accurate information of applicant so verification of application becomes easier
  3. Parents can make form fee/ tuition fee payment online, it can save lot of administrative hassle for parents as well as school
  4. Parents can also get facility to convert their fee payment into equated monthly installments (EMI) so they get  ability to make fee payment in single installment
  5. Schools can reduce administrative cost as various activities like form verification, issuing payment receipt, fee collection, finance reports is automated and administrative intervention is minimal.


ePravesh Online School Admission is an award winning online admission and fee collection platform used by many schools successfully. You can start accepting online applications and online fee payment instantly after subscription.


Here is the feedback from one of the school about Online admission  Process

Jasmin Dalal 
-Principal (Dr. Mrs. Erin Nagarvala School)

“We will be using ePravesh® for our LKG admissions for the third time this year because it has most certainly proved to be beneficial. Naturally it saves the administration time and man power when compared to the old way of issuing forms. Most importantly it saves parents a very long and uncomfortable overnight wait outside the school gate to ensure they get a form. As every stage in the admission process can be communicated by email or sms messages it once again saves many hours of answering telephone and walk in inquiries. The Notice Board is a very convenient way of keeping parents updated at all times. As all the students data is compiled in an excel sheet it is convenient to arrange and sort as required. “