Education Technology for Digital Assessments, Exams, Admissions and trends

Online CFD Training,Learning (Interview with Dr. Ganesh Visavale – General Manager,

Computational Fluid Dynamics or simply CFD is an art/method/science/technique of solving mathematical equations governing different physics including flow of fluid, flow of heat, chemical reactions, phase change and many other phenomena. There are two traditional methods for studying any physics, one the conventional experimental method and other the analytical method. As far as physics of fluid flow is concerned, the experimental method is called as Experimental Fluid Dynamics (EFD) and the analytical method is called as Analytical Fluid Dynamics (AFD).

Education Assessment Platform for Competitive Examinations

Today’s education involves many competitive examinations. Right from the school days children are getting used to competitive examinations
including Olympiad Exam, Scholarship Examination, National Talent Search , Quiz Competitions. Such exams certainly can act as launchpad or preparation for next level of competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, CET, CAT, GMAT and other competitive entrance and qualification examinations.

Technology to Simplify Education Processes

With admissions season in Junior colleges coming to an end, one can clearly imagine the stress it has caused to the institutes, parents and most importantly to the students. Looking at the increase in internet penetration in the country, many Indian institutes explored the online mode of admission in order to streamline and organize the entire process. Unfortunately, it led to more problems than solutions.

Conduct Online Examinations with Exam Scheduling, Online Registrations and Instant Results Analysis using technology

There is growing trend to use technology to improve overall administration, registration and management of examinations conducted across various institutes, cities with some of the examinations being conducted nationwide. India is such large country with student population in millions and some of the examinations receive millions of registrations. Technology is going to be backbone of successful management of such examinations and registration processes.

Technology to improve student assessment process and online examinations!!

Student assessment and evaluation is crucial step in overall student assessment, understanding strong, weak areas. Proper assessment process helps student to get proper feedback for Competency Level,weak areas and based on such reports overall improvement can be targeted. Many institutes, finishing schools are trying to use technology in student assessments and conducting online evaluation tests.