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Demanding career avenue for Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

Even If you have cleared your 12th Commerce now, or about to complete your Graduate; may you be a fresh graduate or a graduate/ post graduate with some experience , you can start your journey towards Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) . Experience professionals can also upgrade their profiles, by completing Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) Certification.

Reverse Innovation Methodology : Future for Emerging Markets

Reverse Innovation reveals a bold discovery with far-reaching implications: Innovation flows uphill and its future lies in emerging markets. Today’s developing countries are being tapped for breakthrough innovations that can unlock new markets in the rich world and help solve global societal problems such as the high cost and poor access to health care.

Most global companies recognize that emerging markets have become today’s last source of growth. But all they do is modify and export products that they developed in their home country. To capitalize on the full potential of emerging markets, they must head in the opposite direction—by innovating specifically for and in developing countries to create breakthroughs that will be adopted at home and around the globe.

Importance of Sales Management Process

To address issues of salespersons’ productivities an organization needs to address issues holistically. Most organizations when faced with low or declining orders from their sales teams look for quick fix solutions by putting sales people through a rigorous sales training program which more often than not is structured around face to face selling skills. Issues around sales management process and sales managers’ competencies are largely given a go by. In some programs the sales managers are present as observers. But that is a subject for another article.

A New Dimension in Selling (Sales Management Workshop)

In the changed market dynamics a salesperson needs to facilitate the customer in making a buying decision, which means that the salesperson must adapt his sales approach to his customer’s decision process, and the approach should differ according to the product, market and customers. To be successful, salespersons need a good understanding of the factors that are likely to influence their customers to buy. Of course, successful salespeople know they must adapt their approach to their customer to ensure the customer feels he or she is in control of the decision.

Career in Media, Television, Anchoring : Top Career Opportunities for students, graduates

Indian Film,Television,Media segment has been on a roll since last decade. As we all know era of cable television began in early 1990’s wher we had limited cable television channels like Zee TV, Star TV, Prime Sports, Doordarhan, DD Metro. During 1990’s career opportunities in the segment of media,entertainment,television were limited but in the current year of 2012, there has been era of Direct to Home Services (DTH), Digitization has been implemented across major metro cities, many new television channels in the space of media,entertainment,music,sports,regional languages,news,Technology,shopping are coming up.