How to Conduct Online Practical Test

Practical Test is conducted to assess practical knowledge of the candidate. There are various ways to assess candidate knowledge.

Viva Test

In this scenario candidate is expected to Answer questions asked by invigilator/ examiner. Most of the times such exam is conducted with candidate and examiner physically present at one of the location.

Technology can help to eliminate need of physical presence. Candidate can login to the system , examiner would also be able to login to see live streaming video of the candidate. Examiner can ask questions to be answered by candidate. Such video can be recorded and stored for evaluation purpose. Examiner sitting at any location can conduct oral test of the candidates present across various locations.

Online Assignment and Viva Test Process

Practical Assignment Test

In such case candidate is expected to show some practical assignment like doing some activity on computer. Marks are allotted based on accuracy of the activity.


Online Streaming of Candidate Viva

Technology is helping to reduce barrier of physical location. Online Streaming of the viva process can eliminate need to candidate and invigilator presence at same location. Candidate can log on to the system from any location and continue viva with video streaming facility.

Exam invigilator can analyze / assess candidate sitting at the remote location. All the recording of the video streaming can be verified in the future for reference/ audit purpose. It would be helpful to analyze how invigilator has assessed the candidate performance and if it is uniform across candidate group.

Under Indian Govt Skill India initiative it is expected to train more than 500 million candidates in the coming 5 years time. Each candidate would be assessed after training to understand if candidate is ready to apply skills learnt in the practical world. Technology of online evaluation and viva can help  to speed up assessment and it can also be standardized.


Screen Activity Recording

Eklavvya has built technology to record entire screen for various activities performed by the candidate. It is useful to check if candidate is performing certain practicals as per recommendations. Entire activity is recorded in the system for further reference related to evaluation process.



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