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Continuing Higher Education for Better Career Growth

As per latest reports related to percentage of students who opt for higher education, it stands around 11 to 12% across India. This figure is not satisfactory considering India Incorporation  needs huge skilled resources in the coming decade to continue GDP growth rate of 9 to 9.5 % per annum. In addition to this most of the PG courses offered by various institutes , universities are out of date and are not in sync with the industry requirements. Industry requirements are changing and syllabus contents of many PG course lags behind the corporate requirements.

Many higher education institutes are coming across India in areas of IT, telecom, finance, animation,multimedia, Business Management, retail management, entrepreneurship.What is needed in today’s world is enhancing your employability index significantly using higher education as a tool. Everything changes dynamically and contents/syllabus of the higher education institute should also match the rapid changes happening in the industrial world. More dynamic contents or more industry interface of the institute with industry would certainly mean that employability index of students appearing for such courses would remain high. Such students would find it easier to get the job opportunities.

PG Course in IT
PG Course in IT

Strong industry interface , practical approach for the learning, use of technology for the advanced learning would lead to improved learning environment for the students. Many such innovative techniques are being used  by higher education institutes of india. Students who have completed their graduation and working and would like to take their career to the next level should certainly consider joining such institutes for the fast track growth opportunities in the career.