Education Institutions and NAAC Accreditation

In order to differentiate similar institutes across India there was need of some quality standard. Such standards can help students and parents to understand quality of the education offered by the institute. In case of other industries there are various quality standards like ISO for any organization, CMM for software companies. Quality standards provide details of how various organizational processes are managed effectively and transparent way of information exchange.

NAAC accreditation is specific to education sector. It defines various parameters to grade educational institutes.  Such grading system is good way to attract students to the courses offered by the institute. In the coming years such accreditation is going to be the norm to differentiate various institutes. Transparent and effective admission process, learning mechanism, administration management are some of the important parameters considered while grading any institute.

Curricular aspects, infrastructure and learning resources, administration/governance for various aspects of pre admission, admission etc, and innovative practices are some of the key parameters for NAAC Accreditation.

Students can evaluate various institutes based on NAAC Accreditation Grade. It will definitely help student to take decision about admission to any educational institute.