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Online Admission System Elements

Elements of Managing Online Admissions Portal

The enrollment process can be quite cumbersome and prove out to be quite a hassle for applicants. However, with a few elements for effectively managing an online admissions portal, you can have a hassle-free experience.

The enrollment process starts by filling out the registration form, payment of registration fee then leads onto the online aptitude test and finally paying the course fee to start off the course. Even though the online admission process sounds simple there are a few elements that help in straightening out the portal, which is as follows:

Elements of Online Admision System

Data Tracking and Analytics

It has become quite important to track user data as well as admission’s data. Following the consumer is essential always to keep them informed about the admission process. Analytics like Male Female ratio, region wise applicant analysis, popularity of the course in specific region etc. are some of the data points useful for decision making.

Safe and Secure Payment Gateways

Safety and security of online payments are a huge concern for applicants. Therefore, we make sure that all the payment gateways are from a trusted source only. Also, that all the data is safe under SSL encryption which protects the data under layers and layers of encrypted passwords as well as pins. ePravesh platform has tie up with major leading payment gateways and banks to automate entire payment processing.

Online Test

It can be good practice to conduct online test of the applicant to get additional evaluation parameter while preparing merit list/ selected candidate List. Technology can help you to conduct online test of the applicant. ePravesh platform can provide next level automation of conducting tests where applicant can appear for online test after online application is confirmed.



Building an online portal is quite easy; however maintaining it can be quite difficult.It is important to define Form Fee, Course Fee Structure along with notices to be updated on the portal. ePravesh platform provides facility to update notices and define Fee structure/ Course Application Fee along with multiple payment avenues.

Follow Up

An efficient admissions portal will always follow up on applicants and make sure that the applicant is aware of all the information that needs to be communicated to them. The admission portal is liable to take follow up on each and every step of the way and make sure that the applicant is always kept informed about transactions, etc.

A responsible admission portal acts as a messenger between the applicant and the university. Therefore, it is the duty of the portal managers to pass on each and every piece of information shared by the university to all the applicants applying for the particular university in question.

Queries and Feedback

The most important element for an effective admission portal is to take feedback and receive comments from applicants. The feedback is an enabler to improve on certain key areas and also to pass the same piece of information to the related university. This helps the applicant to have a comfortable admission process and also ask for queries if any.



There are numerous elements that need to be taken care of to effectively maintain an online admissions portal. They range from data tracking- that involves tracking customer data as well as university data to information updates that include managing site facts. The safety and security of transactions are of great concern, therefore crops up to be a crucial element for the maintenance of an online admission portal. However, without a column for queries and feedback, no admission portal is ever complete.



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