Four Ways to Train Your Workforce for Better Results

Looking for technology solution for your training and assessment process ?  Organisations are increasingly looking to improve knowledge of employees in order to motivate them. Well, we have a list of ways that you can use to train your workforce for better results.  Here is a list of ways to help you motivate your staff and work in a productive manner. Four Ways to Train Your Workforce for Better Results

Allow Sharing of Knowledge

Allow Sharing of Knowledge

A great way to encourage peer learning would be to design an intranet system for the team members. This network will be able to facilitate knowledge distribution amongst various organisational levels. It is a great way to create mutual respect amongst superiors and subordinates. With a flow of information sharing, there is also an understanding about each other’s work. This will, in turn, help low-level executives to empathise with high-level executives and vice-versa. It’s a great way to make your workforce feel like a part of one big family.

Eklavvya platform provides ability to share knowledge/ articles amongst group. Individual can login and access the knowledge base article.

Periodical Online Assessments

Periodical Online Assessments

You can test the skill-set of your workforce by conducting periodic evaluations online. This way there will be a synchronized way of doing procedures and operation standards will be quickly set. This will also help in measurement of actual performance against set standards, which will in turn assist in finding gaps. Once critical things are defined, it will become easier to address these issues in tandem.

Many organizations are using to conduct assessment right from Induction Program to various stages of the Employee Transition. It helps organization to keep track on performance of the individual as well as particular group of employees related to technical knowledge, job oriented skills etc.

Assessment Analysis

Assessment Analysis

Once such assessments are held, it’s quite important to draw inferences about each and every employee based on his/her performance in the assessment. This analysis will help in evaluating the level of skill set each employee holds and also what more can the organisation do to help him/her reach that goal. It’s a great tool to study employee behaviour and also to improve the vibe of the group.

Psychometric Test can help to understand Emotional Quotient


Psychometric test can share useful data of emotional, leadership, creativity quotient of the individual.Organisations can conduct such test to get knowledge of behavioral aspects of individual.

The Take-Away

All in all, maintaining a motivated workforce is of utmost importance to every organisation. With a simple guide to train your workforce for better results, we only help you achieve successful heights at work with sheer productivity and effectiveness. A great tool to elevate attitudes and manage the human resource, this guide is a pleasurable sight for all managers. A fun way to keep your staff motivated, from assessments to network based peer learning, we only hope to make your organisation stand at the apex of prosperity and opulence.


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