Full time MBA or Distance MBA or Part Time MBA What is good for You ?

Full time MBA or Part Time MBA or Distance MBA Option ?

Full time MBA or Part Time MBA or Distance MBA Option ?


Thanks to penetration of Technology , higher education enrollment is picking up across India. There are many B schools coming up in metro cities. Some of the niche programs specialized in Retail, Infrastructure,Piping Engineering Design are coming up compared to traditional MBA courses in Marketing, HR, Finance, IT management.

MBA courses are also available with different duration 1 year, 2 year, 10 months and along with fee variability, there are some MBA courses with fees of 50,000 per yer to courses with Fees of Rs 450,000 per year. If you are confused for which course to go for Full Time, Part Time or Distance MBA, here is our analysis which might help you to select right course


ParameterFull Time MBAPart Time MBADistance MBA
Time CommitmentFull time MBA Requires your complete commitment of 1 year in case of Executive MBA and 2 Year in case of Traditional MBAMajor advantage of Part Time MBA is you can continue your work and attend classes during weekends or evening on weekdays.Your job must not be of travelling nature if you wish you attend such course.Most flexible option available. With distance MBA variety of specializations available. This course is useful only when you have some experience and you would not be able to attend classes of Full time or Part Time MBA
Recruiter’s ChoiceFull time MBA is most preferred by recruiters or organizationsPart Time MBA can certainly provide you option of lateral promotion opportunities along with enhancement of skill set. As you are already working it becomes easier to apply skills. Recruiters look for either certificate from reputed university or niche course for part time MBA.This is bit out of favour within recruiter community. But now many advance distance education courses coming with concept of online classroom with live interaction with professors and other students. With advancement of technology Distance MBA is going to gain favour from recruiter community.
Peer LearningFull time MBA provides best option of peer learning. MBA is not all about text book knowledge but to develop prospective about particular business situation , understanding different cultures, sectors. You can learn most from your peers in addition to text book knowledge.Part Time MBA can also provide peer learning opportunities if there is some group assignment, group research based learning options. You need to complete certain assignments in group which can help you to learn from the peer students.Distance education’s major disadvantage is lack of peer learning. You miss opportunity of learning from other peer students, you miss chance to participate in discussions, group works. But this is compromise and flexible option where time commitment is lowest.
FeesGenerally Fees for Full time MBA is highest and you need to identify overall budget for it and you also need to consider total salary earning you will be missing due to 1/2 year commitment.Part time MBA Fees is generally less than Full Time MBA option and you have advantage of continuing your salary income while studying.There is great advantage of distance learning MBA as Fees are lowest compared to other options and if your budget is not high then distance MBA is best possible options for you.


Course NameFeeApply Now
Bachelor in Media Studies300Apply
Diploma in Digital Film-Making250Apply
Diploma in Media Studies250Apply
Diploma in Photography250Apply
Diploma in Radio Production250Apply
Diploma in Wedding Planning (DWP)250Apply
PGDM-All Specialization500Apply
PGDM-Mass Communication500Apply
Post- PGDM All Specialization25000Apply
Course NameFeeApply Now
MBA 2015 -20161000Apply

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Online Admission to MBA, Part time MBA, Executive MBA, Distance MBA

Online Admission to MBA, Part time MBA, Executive MBA, Distance MBA



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