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Future of Educational Brand Building

Indian education sector is opening up new avenues as we move on. Multiple opportunities, many competitors coming in this segment. Question arises about building brand and communicating with students, attracting talented students to relevant course of their choice.


We tried to analyze current budgets of the institute and how scenario is going to change

Medium Existing Way New Way
News Paper Advertisement Educational institutes allocates lot of budget to print media based advertisement Target youth of India is moving towards internet, news paper based advertisement is going to get less attention in the future.
Seminar, Road Show Institutes conduct seminars in 5 star hotels, seminar halls. Conversion rate is low and student acquisition cost is high in this case. Institutes will start conducting online webinars, online discussions. It will be the way to interact with students
Franchise Management Institutes have multiple franchises, training centers to sell application forms. But tracking mechanism, conversion rate of students is missing. Institutes do not get clear picture of pre admission, admission process. Centralized way to track student interaction, student interest, no leakage of revenue in terms of application forms fee. Better student acquisition and huge cost savings.
Customer Centric Approach Student as customer approach is missing in the current context. Delay, misplacement is application form creates confusion among students Institutes would be customer centric. Usage of technology would be high. Prospective students would get better service.
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