Healthy Lifestyle Related Seminar

Arogya Bharati, a voluntary organization dedicated to health awareness, is  working in the health sector, in close association with medical practitioners belonging to all ‘PATHYs’ prevalent in health sector. The Motto of the organization is: “Healthy individual-Healthy family-Healthy Village- Healthy Nation”.

Arogya Bharati has, under the joint auspices of its Western Maharashtra Branch and Maharashtra Education Society’s Faculty of Health Sciences, organised a One Day Conference on the subject :-

v Healthy Life Style.

The impact of changing modern lifestyle and the absence of exercise has put the personal and public health in unhealthy situation. Medical practitioners as well as the general public will benefit from this seminar dedicated to  ‘Disease-Free and Healthy Life’ and truly understanding the meaning of a Healthy Lifestyle. A Souvenir shall also be published on this occasion.

The Seminar shall witness discussions, debates and guidance of experts on issues like a life full of stress and rush, imprudent use of audio-visual media, improper diet and lifestyle.

We therefore seek your gracious presence at the Conference and seek your all round assistance in the work of the organization.

Registration Fees:-

Medical Practitioners & General Public : Rs 300/-                         Students: Rs 200/-


For Online Booking log on to:



Dr. V. D. Kulkarni.President,Arogyabharati,( Western Maharashtra .) Dr.Girishji  Kamat.Conference Convener .Dr.Mukeshji  Kasbekar.Secretary, Arogyabharati
Shri  Ravindraji Vanjarwadkar.Executive President,Maharashtra Education Society(M.E.S).Shri Anilji  Valsangkar.Chief Executive Officer,Maharashtra Education Society(M.E.S).  
Dr. Madhavrao  Bhat.Member,Faculty of Health Sciences (M.E.S).Dr. Shyamrao Bhakare.Director,Faculty of Health Sciences (M.E.S). 


Schedule of Healthy Lifestyle Program

Schedule of Healthy Lifestyle Program


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