Hospitality and Hotel Management : A New Career Avenue

Hospitality and hotel management is certainly one of the fast developing sector in India. India still faces shortage of hotel rooms and in the coming years large number of multinational and Indian companies is going to make huge investment in the area of hospitality. Indian government is also running campaigns worldwide for “Incredible India”. Total number of tourist arrivals is going to increase as we progress.

Hotel management Students and Facilities

Hotel Management

Apart from foreign tourists, increasing middle class people and their excess spending for tourism, hotel spending is definitely going to provide opportunities in the area of hotel management.

Looking at such positive scenario we can see there would be demand for the skilled professionals in the area of hospitality, tourism and hotel management. This sector is going to provide new career opportunity for the Indians. Those who have interest in tourism , hotel management can definitely search for such opportunities. Professional education/degree in such field would definitely act as the differentiation factor for the individual.

Considering such need for professionals in the area of hospitality one can certainly consider course

“Dual Certification Program – Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management ,B.B.A. in Hotel & Tourism Management”   started by Kohinoor Group.