How Cloud Computing Technology for Online Examination Platform can save your cost

Cloud computing is buzzword for today. Most of the applications and services are utilizing it to improve efficiency and reduce cost of managing the services and applications.

Online Examination Management using Cloud Computing

Online Examination Management using Cloud Computing

Online examination platform is perfectly suited for hosting in cloud environment. It is common that during actual examination process more number of students accesses the system and system utilizes maximum processor and transactions during concurrent examination timing.


In case of particular entrance exam which is to be conducted online for institute and around 50000 candidates are going to appear simultaneously, cloud computing can provide you option to utilize maximum resources only during actual examination process and ramp down utilization of hardware and resources after examination is completed. If online examination is going to be conducted for 3 hours then online examination system can be deployed in cloud environment like Microsoft Azure with  autoscale facility for the virtual machines. Auto scale facility of cloud environment enables to increase virtual machines automatically when more users are trying to access the website.


In this way cloud environment enables maximum utilization of resources during actual online exam time and reduces or scale down the resource utilization when examination is completed. So any number of applicants can appear for exam with ease and cost associated with infrastructure is minimal. Online examination would also provide you advantage of accurate results and analytics and other administration , paperwork of manual examination management gets reduced drastically.


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Online Examination Platform

Online Examination Platform is an Online Examination Platform used by many universities, Professional Training Institutes, Colleges to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the students. Currently more than 100,000 exams have been conducted on this platform. It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.



Ninad Panse CEO DSK International Campus

Ninad Panse CEO DSK International Campus

Ninad Panse

-CEO DSK International Campus Pune helped us to enhance our examination process. Students are able to appear for the online exam without any difficulty and results are generated instantly. Eklavvya has helped us to save cost of conducting entrance examinations

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