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How ePravesh® Helps to Manage Admission Process in a Smooth Manner

ePravesh® is a platform that makes admission process fast and easy. By successfully managing about 402,564 admissions till date (March’2017), it’s a format that manages customer traffic smoothly and seamlessly. From cost reduction to optimum utilisation of resources, ePravesh® is a great tool that every organization should adopt in order to manage admission traffic.


Leveraging the Brand

ePravesh® helps in leveraging the brand and helps in marketing institutes. From internet marketing to blogging it helps in raising numbers organically and popularizing the brand as a whole. It’s a holistic approach to enhance the brand imagery and make the institute shine in front of all spectators.

Fast Data Management

The efficient data management process helps in managing customer traffic smoothly. With reduction in paper-work the whole procedure becomes hassle-free and quite easy to manage. The data is computerized and thus leaves zero room for time-lag or delays.


ePravesh® is a platform that assists its clients to have a seamless experience with barely any chances of errors in the process. The procedure is quite flawless and doesn’t leave a dent of imperfection in terms of finances or details. The portal helps in managing data without a flaw and helps in running it quite smoothly.

Easy Communication

ePravesh® makes it easy for the client to communicate with the target audience. Thus, it is quite easy for all the institutes to pass on certain details via ePravesh®. The portal acts as a messenger that passes on the key message to the right set of audiences. It’s a great way to save costs and minimize wasted-efforts.

Efficient Management

ePravesh® allows data to be efficiently managed in a paperless format. The portal allows its clients to register, sign up, document and pay simultaneously. Incomplete forms can be saved for the candidate to fill later on, thus allowing large files to be saved on the online portal. The platform is capable of handling huge amount of traffic and still being able to function without a glitch.

Query Management

It’s because of ePravesh® that query management has also become a hassle-free process. Now grievances can be resolved simultaneously and each respondent can be handled with utmost care. Each and every reply can be thoughtfully crafted and be sent via mail in order to assist applicants.

Data Analysis

ePravesh® has made it quite easy to observe and analyze data. From establishing distinct heads to bifurcating under various sub-heads, the portal has made it quite easy to read the data at hand and to also draw inferences based on the same. Data analysis acts as a great way to understand applicant preferences and in-turn develop business.

The Verdict

ePravesh® helps to manage all that traffic in a smooth manner. It’s a fast way to manage customer traffic and resolve grievances. From marketing the brand to sealing the deal, ePravesh® is your guide to successful customer handling. It’s a portal that manages the whole process from start to finish and also manages to follow-up on the client.