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Institute selection Process

How student should select right institute?

Common student faces challenges to find right institute with appropriate career opportunity to fulfill his/her dream. While selecting any institute course as a choice, it is important for the student to check various aspects related to institute/ university offering the particular course

selection of institute
1.   Accreditation: Is Institute has accreditation   by NAAC or any other body? NAAC has graded many institutes of India to differentiate quality of education. In case of higher education like MBA there are certifications like Association of MBA UK (AMBA). Student should check if institute is associated with any such grading system.

Such system defines quality of institute with respect to various educational processes.

2.    Alumni Association: How strong is the relationship between institute, alumni and existing students?
This relationship is extremely important to build career and get some practical industry specific knowledge from peer group and pass out students.

3.    Faculty to Student Ratio: Are there enough full time faculty members, education counselors available within institute to resolve your queries?

This is important mainly in case of higher education or specialized courses.  Student should be able to get resolution of the queries on timely basis.

4.    AICTE Approval:
Is Institute is approved by AICTE? In case of AICTE approval student must check “Mandatory Disclosures related to AICTE” section on web site of the institute.

Such section includes useful information about placement statistics, faculty details, other details of institute campus, courses, fee structure. This information provides some more insight to the student about courses offered and whether it is right course.

5.    Transparent Admission Process:
Is admission process offered by the institute is transparent and based on merit? In case if admission process is not transparent then you might gets idea of quality of students getting in for the course.  In case of any education peer learning is most crucial aspect which is ignored by the institute as well as student.

Student should always check about their peer groups, classmates and based on it, quality of peer learning takes proper direction.

6.    Interaction of the institute with prospective student :

Is student is able to find multiple channels to interact with alumni, teachers, admission committee members?  Are your email queries remaining unreplied?  Are you able to interact with admission committee with ease?

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