How to define Online Exam assessment according to Syllabus

Process of defining examination pattern for online assessment is similar to manual examination paper process. However it is completely automated so save time for question paper generation. Exam admin needs to define certain parameters in the system to generate online exam question paper.

Define Online Examination According to Syllabus

Define Online Examination According to Syllabus

Online Examination should be defined according to syllabus of the assessment. Here are some of the parameters which would help to define Online Assessment.

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1 Question Shuffling

Question bank

Exam Admin can define if questions should be shuffled for the individual exam. If it is enabled then each user would get different set of question paper according to syllabus
2 Subject Name(s)

Subject for Online Examination Process

It is important step while defining syllabus for the exam process. Exam admin need to select one or more subjects to be covered and are
part of the syllabus. Exam admin can define total no of questions of each subject to be included in the assessment process.
3 Topic Name

Topics for Online Examination and Assessment

Exam admin can define one or more topics of selected subjects to be covered in the exam assessment process
4 Timer

Online Exam Timer

Exam admin can define overall time for the exam or can define specific time like 30 second or 60 seconds for each question. In case of
specific timing user need to answer question in specific time only.
5 Question Navigation

Question Navigation for Online Examination and Assessment

If question navigation is enabled then user can answer questions by navigating to any specific question. If navigation is disabled then
user need to follow sequence of questions as shown on the screen.
6 Negative Marking

Negative Marking for Online Exam


Exam Admin can define negative marking for the assessment. Marks of 0.5/1/2 can be deducted from total scores for each wrong answers.
7 Difficulty Level Each question has attribute for difficulty level 1 to 5. Exam admin can define what kind of questions should appear for the exam by
selecting one or more difficulty levels.
8 Passing Marks

Passing marks for Online Examination Process

Exam admin can define Passing marks for the exam. Passing marks would help to identify qualifying candidates after the examination process
is completed. supports all the attributes for generating online assessment according to syllabus and rules.

Online Examination Platform

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