How to run coaching institute over internet

Coaching Institutes for various competitive exams trying to become tech savvy. There is increase in demand for specialized training courses in the rural india and Tier 2/3 cities. Availability of quality faculty is an issue faced by many students. In order to get quality education coaching students usually travel to metro cities. Technology can solve this critical issue of scalability of quality education.

Online training Institute for coaching classes, training of competitive examinations like MBA, Banking, SBI PO

Offline/ Traditional Classroom

Traditional method has limitations of scalability where you can teach limited set of students. Offline mode offers advantage of direct interaction with students. Teacher can develop direct communication with individual students. However in case of higher education or competitive professional course coaching such direct contact may not be essential. Student may just need guidance and tips to perform better.

Cost Saving from Online Classes

As a coaching institute you can record lectures and make it available for the students so that they can refer it as and when required.Cost for running classrooms, infrastructure can be reduced. Online videos can reachout to more students and it is scalable approach. Quality education and faculty can reach to students without any limitation of geography.

Offline / Online Combinational Coaching

In case of limitations of internet infrastructure for individual students, combination of offline/online coaching can be used. In such case students from various locations are asked to gather at designated study center having internet connectivity. Such study center infrastructure can be used to conduct online coaching. In such scenario same teacher can conduct coaching at multiple locations.

Online Assessment

Online videos can also offer another advantage where teacher can conduct online assessment of the students for one or more topics. Such assessments can provide instant results and analytics to check ability of the student.


To summarize advantages of online coaching
• It is scalable approach
• Cost of physical infrastructure can be saved
• Quality teachers can teach to more number of students
• Assessment can be conducted online for instant feedback
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