Implications of Foreign Universities coming to India

Recently Indian Government has made announcement that foreign universities might be allowed to setup their own campus in India. If this proposed bill is passed in the Parliament then it is going to have many implications to the Indian students, education sector as a whole.

Indian students would get more choices about courses and direct access to foreign universities would be available at local levelOverall cost of education would increase making it more difficult to common man to get admission for his/her child.

We need to provide quality education in affordable cost to common person of India.

Competition among foreign and Indian education institutes would lead to better quality of educationIndia has many schools already and there is scarcity of talent in terms of availability of qualified teachers. Foreign universities coming to India would not solve this problem on immediate basis.

We need to bridge the gap of qualified teachers and teacher to student ratio.

Currently many students from high society prefer to go to foreign university for their education. This trend can change over long periodIndia has many challenges as far as infrastructure for the school is concerned.
India can become attractive to student community from South Asia, Middle East, and Africa region. It can definitely enhance image of India and will bring more income from those studentsForeign universities would lead to more students from outside region occupying seats instead of preference to local student community.
Indian professors working in the USA, Europe might think about returning to India under foreign universities. This would definitely lead to better education.

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