Improvement in Education Administration Processes by Accreditation System

Value Framework of NAAC Accreditation includes “Promoting Use of Technology” in various aspects of education and education administration processes. As per NAAC grading system, Governance , Innovative practices has importance of around 20% in the grading system. There is also section for Admission Process and Evaluation, Best practices in evaluation, Admission process. Considering such important given for the admission process, it is important for the institutes to have transparent admission process with consideration to student as customer focus.

Accreditation in Education

Accreditation in Education

Weightages for all such parameters varies for University , Autonomous colleges, affiliated colleges. So NAAC accreditation is applicable for education institute, university and autonomous college as well.

All the processes like Student interaction, pre admissions, Alumni management, student evaluation plays crucial role to take institute to the next level and institute can differentiate itself as compared to other institutes.

Currently student faces many challenges in terms of getting admission to the institute. Student need to go through long queue of to get demand draft from nationalized banks, submitting form through courier along with supported documents is another process. Institute has challenge to communicate with prospective students about pre admission process. Shortlisting right candidates is also important for the institute, it becomes difficult when institute gets thousands of applications. Use of technology in all those aspects is definitely recommended to make this process systematic and efficient for student as well as institute.