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Examination process in India

Indian Examination System Requires new approach for Assessments

With increase in number of students appearing for the exam for university, educational institutes, coaching institutes, there is need of scalable approach in terms of managing examination system in efficient way.

Traditional exam process has many logistical activities and manual interventions. It can be improved with the help of technology.


Examination process in India
Examination process in India

 Examination Paper Distribution: Recently there was news in the newspaper about leakage of examination paper before the actual exam due to which entire examination was cancelled at one of the university exam.

Technology can help to change the way examination paper is distributed to the students for traditional paper based exams.




Examination paper can be distributed using internet with added security of encryption technology. Examination paper can be downloaded and viewed only 15 minutes before actual examination is stated so that leakage of the examination paper can be avoided.

Question Paper Leakage

Usage of Online Question paper Generation 

Online question paper generation technology can help to prevent malpractices and question paper leakage. It can manage following processes.

Here is the video of entire process of Question Paper Generation Solution

  • Controller of Examiner can define experts who can define question Bank
  • Subject Matter Experts can login and define question bank based on difficulty level, marks, objective and subjective questions
  • Question paper Schema can be defined by Examiner
  • Question paper would be generated automatically based on schema defined by the examiner
  • Moderator can review question papers defined by the software.
  • One of the randomly selected question paper can be distributed at exam center in digital format.
  • Such question paper is encrypted and password protected.
  • Password of the question paper is communicated at designated exam centers 60 mins prior to exam start date.


Use of Online Assessment Tools for Internal Exam 

Online exam Management

Most of the internal exams including tutorials are theory based. Institute need to have radical approach with objective questions which would test concepts of the students rather than theory.

Online assessment tools like Eklavvya can reduce examination burden and it can automate examination process with 100% accuracy and simplicity.


Digital Theory Exam Management

Theory exam has the following processes

  • Printing of the Question Paper
  • Printing of Answer Sheets
  • Distribution of Answer Sheets at designated Exam Centers
  • Collection of student  answer sheets at Exam Center
  • Manual Evaluation Of Answer Sheets

Digital subjective exam can eliminate most of those activities. Digital Subjective exam can provide simplified processes

  • Defining Online Question Paper
  • Candidates can type answers online
  • It can be saved in the system
  • Evaluator can login and evaluate answer with ease
  • Result Processing is simplified

Here is the simple video showing advantages of Subjective Assessment Process

Subjective exam management

Simplification and Accuracy in Result Processing: With usage of assessment engines overall examination process becomes smooth and result publishing becomes simple task and errors associated with result processing gets reduced.


Identify Strong/ Weak Areas of Whole Batch

  • Eklavvya provides advanced analytics to check performance of the group for particular exam/ Chapter/ Topic

  • Instructor can focus or work on weak area of the batch as well as individual

  • Instructor can identify strategy of teaching and flow of the topic discussion based on analytics of the batch performance report.

  • Specific Exam can be arranged focusing on weak areas of the batch/ individual



Assessment for Prospective Students

Admission process can also be linked to entrance examination. In most of the institutes entrance examination is limited to niche courses like MCA, MCS.

With the usage of technology assessment can be combined with admission form filling process.

All the prospective students would be asked to appear for online assessment to judge their knowledge and concepts in addition to academic credentials. Some of the institutes have started such approach for the courses including BBA, BCA, B Sc, M Com, MBA etc.

This process can enhance overall admission process and quality of the students can be better for final selection process with criteria of selection can be associated to academic credentials and assessment test.

Steps to conduct online entrance exam for education institute

Onscreen Marking System

Technology can also assist to simplify examination answer sheet evaluation. In traditional environment, examiner need to physically handle answer sheets.

Result processing become challenging when thousands of answer sheets are evaluated by multiple examiners and result has to be updated in the system to generate marksheet.

Onscreen Marking System can help to simplify evaluation process with the help of technology. Physical answer sheets are scanned and uploaded to the digital system. Examiners can evaluate answer sheets from any location.


Here is the introductory video of Onscreen Marking System



Online Examination Platform
Online Examination Platform is an Online Examination Platform used by many universities, Professional Training Institutes, Colleges to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the students.

It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.

Online Assessment demo