Industrial Design, Animation: New Opportunities

Usage of graphics, animation is increasing in various industries including media, television, films, and product design companies. We have an example of Avtaar film which is hit worldwide is completely based on animation technology.

DSKSupInfoCom International Campus

DSKSupInfoCom International Campus

Many media, advertisement companies are also using animation as powerful tool to generate innovative advertisements. In the competitive world it has become essential for the marketer to use innovative techniques to attract customers. Animation is one of the important aspects of it.

Entertainment sector is also on growth track in India. Companies are coming up with latest video games, online community games for the customer. Usage of 3D, 2 D technology, and advance graphics techniques is going to increase in the entertainment industry.

All those factors giving opportunity for the individual to make career in Animation, Design, Video Game. Person having creative mind, passion for innovation can definitely find it suitable to make career in such creative and dynamic field.

DSKSupInfoCom has come up with great course specific to Animation, Design, and Video Games. It is India’s first such course which provides extensive knowledge in this field. Students with inclination towards this filed would definitely find it useful and interesting.