Latest Trends in eBooks Technology

With increase in the usage of smartphone, smart devices, laptops, computers Indian publishers are realizing that there is market for eBooks in addition to selling books in traditional way. eBooks offer greater advantage in terms of its reach and cost associated with distribution, launching new Books reduces drastically for the publisher.

Interactivity: With technology  simple text contents can be be made interactive with the use of digital media like voice/sound/video/audio/ images.

When user is reading the book additional audio/video files can be available which would complement the contents of the book. E.g. if user is reading engineering related Book then supported video file can have simulation contents. If any child is reading book then audio file can play the song shown in the form of text in the book. Such innovative approach would make eBook more acceptable.



Major hurdle in acceptability of eBook for publication industry is its security. eBook must be secure so that only paid user is able to access it on limited devices.

Technology like DGD (Digital Drishti) helps publisher to secure their content and distribute it over internet or in the form of CD.


How to Prepare secure eBook

How to Prepare secure eBook

: Another important aspect in case of any digital document would be to have validity. After validity gets expired digital content access should be invalidated for the particular user. DGD technology helps publisher to digitize contents with  validity period.



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