Technology to prevent malpractices during Online Exam Process

Online Exam Security


Online examination or assessment is one of the key areas of education technology. Online examination usage is likely going to increase for various types of examinations, competitive entrance tests, recruitment tests. Online assessment has proved to be cost effective and better way to filter out and identify suitable candidates.

Security is one of the key areas of online assessment which still needs some improvements . Secure online assessment can be useful to prevent all kinds of malpractices tried by the candidates during online exam process.

Candidates appearing for the exam may try to overcome security aspect of online exam in various ways. Eklavvya platform has added some of the best practices related to security of online assessment. It can help to prevent malpractice of online examination system.

Following are some of the key areas to lookout during online exam process.

Secure Online Exam Process

1.Prevention of Question Copying : 

Eklavvya platform prevents copying of the questions during the exam process. It helps to keep question paper secure for the online exam. All the copying keyboard shortcuts like pressing Control key , Shift key is prevented. If user tries to use those keys then user may be thrown out of the exam process.

2.Prevention of screen sharing programs

Eklavvya platform provides application to manage online exams which can prevent all other activities including screen sharing, print screen options during online exam activity. User is not able to do any other activity during exam process.

3.Preventing candidates from opening any other window during exam process

Eklavvya platform provides add on solution which can be kept active on desktop machine to prevent candidates from opening any other window during online exam.Online Exam process becomes highly secure.

If candidate tries to open any other window during exam process, system shows warning message that you are trying to move away from the exam window. System keeps log of no of times user has moved away from the main exam window. If user tries to move away from exam window more than 2-3 times then examination process gets terminated.

Online Exam Window Alert

4.Capturing Photograph of candidate using remote Web camera

Online Examination System Eklavvya can capture candidate photographs during live exam. You can configure to capture photo of candidate after each 30 seconds/ 40 seconds etc. If Online exam is for 30 minutes then system would be able to capture around 60 photos of the candidates after each 30 second interval. This would help to verify if valid candidate is appearing for the exam and authenticity is maintained for entire exam duration.

5. Live Streaming of remote candidate using web camera

Online Examination System Eklavvya also has facility of Remote Proctoring. This facility helps to capture live streaming of the remote candidate appearing for online exam.

Remote candidate video streaming can be seen live or even at later time as it is recorded in the system. This is very useful for authentication and authorization of the online exam process.


Online Exam Solution




Those are some of the key aspects which can help to secure online exam process. Eklavvya platform provides all the features and technology to conduct secure online exams. Many organizations and educational institutes, universities are using this solution to conduct online assessment process. Eklavvya platform has been used by some of the leading  organizations including multinational companies, corporate, large scale universities to conduct assessment process. Currently Eklavvya platform is used by more than 50 organisations for managing their online assessment process. You can check all the features or even register for free trial today.


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