Process to eliminate Question paper Leakage using Technology

How many times have you heard news about leakage of question paper prior to start of exam process ?

There are countless number of incidences happening across multiple universities. Examination process is one of the crucial process of evaluating academic performance of the students. Any such incident of question paper leakage would adversely affect brand value of the education institution or university.

Question Paper Leakage


Current Problem

Defining Examination paper according to syllabus and delivering printed question paper at multiple  examination center has been huge task of administration and logistics.

Examination paper setters need to travel to university location to define question papers. Entire process is manual. Moderator need to verify question sets defined by the paper setters. There is possibility of errors due to manual process.

One of the question paper is selected as final question paper for respective examination and it is then  sent to printing at secure location. Printed Examination papers needs to be sent at each examination center on examination date.During each process there is manual intervention and possibility of leakge of question paper to outside world increases. Technology can help to simplify this process upto great extent.



Technology can help you to eliminate issue of question paper leakage. It is reliable ?

Yes, this technology has been used by one of the leading medical university of India. This technology can help you to generate question paper from the pool of question bank according to syllabus and examination pattern. Examiner can validate, moderator can recheck, paper setter can check. All the entities can work together on the system to generate question paper for particular subject.

Question paper would be delivered to the respective examination location in digital encrypted format along with secure locking. Examination paper can be downloaded at exam center 30 mins prior to examination start time. It eliminates logistical cost of transporting question paper to examination location in secure environment. Digital process eliminates complexity of managing examination process.Leading medical university of India is able to save significant cost by implementation of online question paper generation and delivery process using technology.


Here are stakeholders of the process

Secure Question Paper Generation and delivery

1. Controller of the Examination (COE)

COE controls overall examination management for the university. It is responsibility of the COE to manage examination process in professional manner. Controller of examier (COE) defines logins for the subject matter experts, paper setters.

Controller of examiner for Online Question Paper Generation

2. Subject Matter Experts

Each subject / topic is assigned to specific professors. They can login to the system and can define question bank for the respective topics. Each question has certain attributes like difficulty level, marks, topic name, comments associated with it.

3. Question Paper Setter

Question Paper setter can define question paper using examination pattern defined by the controller of the examination. Pool of questions and its attributes is already available in the system. Paper setter can verify questions and can edit / update if needed.

Paper Setter for Online Question Paper Generation

4. Moderation and Review of Question paper

Moderator need to validate if question paper is generated according to defined syllabus and all questions are valid. There are minimum 3 paper sets are prepared for the particular exam. After moderator has confirmed validity of the question papers, system picks on one of the question paper to be delivered in secure way to examination center.

Moderation and Review for Online Question Paper Generation

5. Secure Delivery of Question Paper

Each examination center admin has valid login of the system. Downloading of question paper is enabled 30 minutes prior to exam process and secure password is communicated to the administrator to open encrypted question paper.

If credentials are valid then only question paper can be opened for printing at the examination center.

  • There is 2 step verification process, For printing Question paper, user need to enter Principal Password and coordinator password, if this combination is valid, then only paper is printed
  • Question paper is directly printed (silent printing). It is not displayed to anyone before printing process.
  • In short question paper is delivered directly to the examination center in secure encrypted manner so that there is no chance of leakage to external world.

Secure Delivery of Question Paper to Examination Center

Secure question paper generation and delivery to examination center can be simplified using technology. has defined solution. This solution is used by one of the leading university of India. University is able to save substantial cost of overall management of examination paper setting and delivery process. Entire logistic cost is reduced with the help of technology.

Advantages of Question Paper Generation and delivery Process

1.It is highly secure process and examination paper setters can complete their activity sitting at any secure location. Need of travelling to specific examination center or university campus is avoided.

2. Controller of examination is able to track entire process using software system. Manual paper works , approval cycles, delays can be eliminated

3. Cost associated with delivery of printed question paper at the examination center can be reduced. Question paper leakage can be avoided using technology. If you have multiple examination centers across multiple cities then you can imagine overall savings associated with physical delivery of question papers at the respective exam centers.


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