Question Bank Management for Online Exam and Assessment Process

Question Bank Management forms essential and core aspect of online examination process. Extensive and detailed question bank classification can provide better evaluation of the student during online exam. Following are some of the parameters of question bank which can be defined in the online examination platform .

Online Examination Question Bank Management

Online Examination Question Bank Management

Subject : 

Name of the Subject forms top level  attribute of any question. Subject name can be top level grouping of the question bank like English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.


Topic :

This is second level  attribute of question. One subject can have multiple Topics associated with it. One topic can have multiple questions. It is useful way to tag questions for particular subject and topic Name.


Question Type:

Question type is useful attribute to define question. Examiner can define question types like Fill in the Blanks, Conceptual Question, Definition Oriented Question, Multiple Choice Aptitude Question etc. Question type can be tagged to individual question to classify questions.


Marks for Question

Each question can have marks associated with it which can be used during examination pattern setting. E.g. Admin can define to have 10 questions of 1 marks each, 5 questions of 2 marks each and 4 questions of 4 marks each

Question Image

Question can have image or diagram or graphics to be displayed as part of the question. There is facility to upload image as part of the question.

Image Based Questions for Online Assessment

Image Based Questions for Online Assessment

Answer Options

User can define 2 to 5 answer options along with valid answer. 2 Answers can be defined for True/ False Type of question, 3 to 5 options can be defined for multiple choice questions/ fill in the blank types questions.

Online Exam Question Bank Structure

Multi Language Support

Online Assessment Platform also supports facility to enter question in multiple languages including Hindi, Gujrati, tamil, Marathi etc. Multi language support is useful to conduct exams specific to school or targeted to rural areas. Even in case of recruitment exams local language support is essential to conduct online assessment.

Online Assessment Question Types

Online Assessment Question Types

Difficulty Level

Question can be tagged with difficulty level Low, Medium, High, Very High etc to group questions according to difficulty level. Such tagging helps while defining examination pattern of online assessment.


Reference Audio

If question is having reference audio then you can upload it in the  system along with question. Audio based questions are essential to test listening ability of the candidates.

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