School Admission: 5 Steps to Digitize Admission Process of Your School

School Admission Process

Step1 : Define Standard Application Form 

School Admission Form

School Admission Form

Admission form should be standardized so that it will be easy for the parents to fill it without any difficulty. Online form filling process of ePravesh can simplify overall process and entry point for the parents and students. provides facility to customize school admission form. This form has 5 sections including Student Information, Address Details, Parents Information etc. There is also facility to define date of birth criteria. It is useful for Junior KG admissions where there is guidelines for date of birth during selection of the students. Form can be customized instantly and admission process can be activated in a quick time.

ePravesh School Admission Form Customization

   ePravesh School Admission Form Customization

Step 2: Define Admission Process Guidelines

During Online Form filling process there should be standard guidelines , help document about how to fill form, instructions , frequently asked questions details. Time table of admission process should be clearly mentioned and it can be communicated to registered users over email and sms. It helps parents to reduce queries related to admission process.

Step 3: Define eProspectus which can be downloaded by the online user

Online Prospectus is good way to communicate value proposition of your school. It helps to convey all required information related to infrastructure, faculty, extracurricular activities, transport facility to prospective students.

Step 4: Provide Seamless support over email/ phone/ Live Chat to prospective parents

Prospective students or parents should find it easier to access information or communicate with school for various queries. Simple techniques of live chat/ support phone/ email can be used.
ePravesh provides facility to communicate with prospectus in simplified manner.

Step 5: Communicate with parents for Admission Schedule and status of the application

Admission process has many steps and timeline. It is critical to communicate status of the application to parents on continuous basis. Digitization has brought entire world closer and people are expecting instant response or communicate for the services related to admission. Advance communication technology like SMS/ email/ Whats App or Social Media can be used so that parents will be aware of application status of their ward. Online Admission Platform Online Admission Platform is an award winning online Admission platform currently used by 100+ Institutes, universities, schools across India. Institute can register on as marketplace, define courses and start collecting online applications and payments instantly. provides seamless integration with your website and other systems of your Institute. Register on today.

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