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Remote Proctoring Process for Online Exams

How to Secure Online Exam with Remote Exam Proctoring Approach

Importance of Online Exam

The online Exam process is becoming the norm for the majority of the exams. Consider any entrance exam, Practice Test Series, Test for Employment purpose, Test for assessment of internal employees, tests for skill-building. Most of the tests are going to be conducted online in the coming future.

Challenges of Remote Exams

The online Examination process is cost-effective but it also brings its own challenges of managing distributed exams across multiple locations. The invigilation of remote exams is challenging. Most of the cases exam authorities need to identify designated exam centers and students need to visit the center to appear for the exam. There is a significant cost for managing those exam centers.

Technology can be used effectively to invigilate such online exams where the candidate can appear for the test from any location.

Remote Proctoring Process

Remote Proctoring for Online Exam System

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize and control the online examination process in a scalable manner. In the traditional exam process, an invigilator needs to be present at the exam center to validate candidates appearing for the exam. For each exam center of around 30-50 candidates, you need one invigilator. So for conducting the exam of 1000+ candidates, you would need more than 25 invigilators controlling the exam process.

Invigilator sitting at a computer lab/ Home can get a view of the entire exam process of individual students/ Group/ Batch of the students. All the activities of the exam can be monitored easily. There is no need to be physically present at the location. The invigilator can eliminate traveling and other misc costs. Exam Administration activities also get reduced with technology implementation for exam proctoring.

Remote Invigilator can perform the following tasks

  1. Initiate Live Chat with Candidate appearing for the exam
  2. Kill Exam of the remote candidate in case if it is found that candidate is cheating during an exam
  3. Live Streaming View of the Candidate during Exam Process to authenticate the individual identity
  4. Verify that the candidate is not getting any help from the surrounding environment.

Remote Exam Proctoring Management

Remote Proctoring Process for Online Exam

How to conduct Proctored Online Exam on Mobile Phone

Use cases of Remote Proctoring

  1. Education institute looking to conduct Online Entrance Exam for the prospective students can use this technology to conduct online exams across the nation. The process of booking exam centers, administration, transportation, physical invigilation, etc gets eliminated.
  2. Organization wants to conduct hiring/employment test for the prospective employees can rely on the remote proctored test as one of the criteria.
  3. Coaching institute can conduct nationwide mock exams with remote Proctored mechanism
  4. Skill Based Training Organizations that offer final certificate exams can utilize the remote proctoring process to conduct their online exam in a cost-effective manner.
Steps to conduct remote proctored exam

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