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How to study for JEE Mains_

How to study for JEE Main during Lock Down?

How to study for JEE Main during Lock Down

JEE main exam which was to be conducted in April has been postponed. It is a chance for students to get more time to have a revision of the syllabus. Educational institutions are shut down and people are relying on online materials and e-learning platforms. 

This article will help you to formulate your strategy for JEE main exam. It will give you the understanding to study efficiently in this lockdown. JEE Main (Joint Entrance Exam Main) is one of the most prominent exams for admission in engineering for undergraduate courses in NIT, IIT, and GFTI colleges. 

More than 9 lakh candidates every year are appearing for JEE main exam. The report says 920000 students appeared in the JEE Main January exam. Students who are preparing for engineering have a dream to crack JEE main and an advanced exam.

 They want to get admission in top courses and colleges under IIT and NIT. The counseling and admission process is conducted by JoSAA  (Joint Seat Allocation Authority) for 24 IITs, 32 NITs, 18 IIITs, and 19 other government-funded colleges. IIT and some other institute use JEE Advanced rank for admission of candidates in undergraduate engineering courses. The exam is conducted by NTA (National testing agency).


It is very important to know how to prepare for this prestigious exam. We will show you the exact strategy about what students need to focus on to get a good grace in JEE main exam. With a smart study plan, this exam can be cracked with little effort by applying your super smart strategy. 

This article will help you to formulate your study with exam pattern, syllabus, study materials, mock test, previous year papers, and study notes in an efficient way.

Creating a realistic time table enables you to study productively and face this exam with your smart strategy. 11 to 15 hours of studies is enough time for the JEE main exam. 

Create a time table that you can follow easily. After every 2-3 hours of study, you can give time for refreshments. The time table provides you a disciplined way to study strategically. 

At least 6 hours of sleep is important for your health so that the next day when you start studying you can feel energetic. 

Work on the exact syllabus

Work on the exact syllabus

Students preparing for JEE mains should have a clear cut understanding of which topic and chapter are going to be asked most in this exam. Many repeated topics are hit hard and are asked the question in the same pattern every year. 

Students should list their syllabus in a tabular form so that they can productively start their preparation. You can keep this syllabus on your study table. It will give you an understanding and help you to make your revision easier and faster. 

Comment your grip on that particular chapter. Note down what are the chapters which need revision which of them in which your performance is good and also note down the less important chapters. 

What to complete and what to escape you should have a clear cut knowledge about this idea in selecting topics for the exam. Students should visit the NTA website to download the official syllabus. 

To the point, study is crucial for this exam because the syllabus is vast and the majority of topics do not have equal weightage. An intense night study won’t help you more, so good sleep is necessary to formulate information in your memory.

Stick to one study material

One smart strategy to study for this exam is to select the best study material that suits you. Your coaching institution makes your work easier and provides you with the study material which is followed in the class. It contains many high level and conceptual questions. 

The students who are relying on self-study can follow books that they are comfortable with. We have listed below some important books. The syllabus of JEE  goes in-depth. 

If you are selecting books for every topic you may have one book for one chapter that cannot be completed within a 2-year syllabus. During this time to you may not have time to select a perfect book for you. 

Work on the books and exercise that you were previously following this is one of the most important strategies to conceptualize everything. NCERT books are important for JEE main exam a large number of questions every year are asked directly from the concept and exercises from the NCERT books. 

To the point study of NCERT book can get you more in this exam.

Here we have some important books for JEE Mains

  • NCERT books
  • Concept of physics volume 1 and volume 2
  • Understanding Physics by DC Pandey
  • A modern approach to the chemical calculation by RC Mukherjee
  • Objective mathematics by RD Sharma
  • SL Loney’s coordinate geometry and trigonometry.

Study with your notes

Study with your notes

Notes play an important role in the selection of candidates in the JEE main exam. Class notes are one of the important tools that give you an option that you can study for the exam and revise for it in no time.

When you study the chapter you should take notes along with your study. This process will help you to prepare well during your exam when you have less time and have to cover many chapters. Along with the revision and study of the chapter, students have to solve many numerical and mathematical problems. 

Your well-documented notes will help you to save your time and also studying efficiently. When you are stuck with you any problem you can refer to your notes instead of any books that are the recommended way.



Revision is very important for JEE main exam. When students study a topic and leave it for at least two weeks 20% of the information is lost, in the next week, the other 20% of information is lost. So, revision is a must thing for this exam. 

Think about it you are studying well, you have practiced many questions and working hard for the exam. But due to lack of revision, everything is gone. You are left with no information at all. You can also complete your revision by attempting questions and if you are stuck in any one of them you can revise quickly with your notes.

Practice previous year's question papers

Practice previous years question papers

Every year a large number of concepts and questions are taken from the previous year. JEE main questions are concepts in itself. The questions which are asked in JEE advanced many times these are asked in JEE Mains.

If you are studying seriously for the JEE, you should attempt the previous year question papers of at last 10 years. Students can mimic themself as they are sitting in the exam and attend the previous year’s question. 

It will help you to know the pattern of the question paper and take your confidence to the next level. When students are done with their complete revision, they have a good understanding of the subject and you want to test their skill. 

Candidates should try the mock test paper. Plenty of mock tests are available online which they can go for. Mock tests and previous year question papers will help you to manage your time and improve your accuracy. This test gives you a feel of the real exam and room for improvement.

Final Words

A better study plan is important for the JEE main exam. Stay focused and get the benefit of self-study it will help you more in the exam. Students preparing for JEE main generally compromise with their health, which is also not good for the quality of information retention. The application correction form is still available on the NTA website. 


Now we want to hear from you, let us know if you have some other tips that we haven’t mentioned.


All the Best!

Dev Raj Singh

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