Top 5 Ways to Attract Students to Institute

Top 5 Ways to Attract Students to Institute

According to a survey by youth market research firm, 88% of college-bound students value career preparation or future success over traditional personal growth or pursuit of passions. They are tough customers for any enrollment department to attract. To meet enrollment target, institutions often attempt to introduce new degree programs or to launch broad, institution wide advertising and marketing campaigns. To successfully attract students, new program offerings must align with following major techniques-

Using alumna network

Alumni provide institutions an opportunity to make personal connections with prospective students who may identify better with the individual alumni than the institution itself. Peer to peer sharing is a powerful approach, with students more willing to trust information they receive from other students, rather than a large, faceless institution.

Use Alumna as brand ambassador for responding to students for their queries on online social forums, conduct small workshop/ sessions with prospective students where alumna can resolve queries. For all such activities alumna should be rewarded.


Sharing alumna success stories

Every past student from your institution is also potentially a brand ambassador, each with his/her own unique story to tell about how your institution changed his/her life for the better – and boosted his/her career.

Employability is a key issue for prospective students, so it always helps to share their success stories on your website, for attracting students.


Writing blogs/articles about achievements of the present students

This is one of the most significant ways to attract students. Institutions should make effective use of online space, focusing on a variety of new platforms for external management and communication.

Institutions should make greater use of social media and digital platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and publish articles and blogs about the achievements of the present students. This definitely helps to create a brand of your institute and in turn attracts prospective students.

Sharing success stories of your faculty

Unlike the past, students nowadays are keen to know about the faculty at your institution. So it is advisable to share the achievements and accolades that your faculty has received so that prospective students give higher ranking to your institute.

A brief report of conferences/seminars held at your institute also adds to strengthening the image of your institute. When faculty gets some award for paper presentations, participates in some international conference then such news should be right way shared with prospective students.

Organizing competitions

State and national level competitions increase brand awareness and interaction with students. Getting the sponsorship helps to expand your customer base. But students will participate in your contest for only one reason: they hope to win a prize.

Therefore, your prizes must be a fit for the platform and your target audience. Competitions are one of the most effective techniques to attract students.


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How to Attract Students to your Institute using Events

Attract Students for education events

         Attract Students for education events

Professional education, like any business degree course, diploma or degree courses in IT, engineering, health and well being, business management and banking, has witnessed a significant success in last few years. Now, after completing higher secondary education, a majority of students prefer to be the part of a reputed education institute or business school or want to get admission in any of the reputed engineering college to weave their dream career and success in life. Here, a significant move towards professional education has also persuaded educational institutes, business schools and colleges to present themselves in the most impressive way through live streaming, competitions, events for parent community and through others modes to make a general awareness and to draw more and more students.

Reach the Right Students and Parents through Live Streaming

In short, professional education has become a service oriented business, wherein institutes are making every effort to lure right students and persuade them for professional courses. For them, there is something more required than better education and academic records, advertising and marketing. Yes, events (online events, live streaming, competitions on social media sites and different types of other events) are important and of course the way of reaching target audience easily and to make their name a well-known name in the domain. Today, from the top management colleges to well-known one, this mode of general awareness is gaining momentum day after day.

Some Important Tips to Attract Students to Your Institute Using Events

Different business schools hosts a wide range of lectures, conferences, discussions, receptions and other events each year to support targets and missions of colleges and institutes. Teachers, staff organizer and faculty have to take the responsibility to make such events successful to attract students to their institutes. Their task is to create a well-attended event. However, main questions also comes into mind, “How to accomplish target successfully”.

A Strategic Opportunity to Improve Institutes’ Reputation and to Attract the Right Audience

Start planning in advance and employ multiple methods of communication is the best source to lead an effective audience-building campaign. However, a few successful tips, tools and resources will help in empowering you to attract the right audience to your event. Being a strategic opportunity to improve the reputation of your institute and the business school, event organization has become the essential way to attract students to your institute. It is the best way of making them aware of your institute, way of education, environment, competition and a lot more.

It helps you in identifying what you want to accomplish through event, especially before you plan it.  Such events are ideal options to target your goals to showcase faculty expertise, raise awareness, gaining participation, and support for initiative, providing a networking opportunity and a lot more. Not forget to mention the way of setting event goals that are necessary to create a meaningful program and targeting the right audience.

Make Your Institute a Reputed Name by Reaching Target Audience through Events

Such events help you in reaching your target audience instantly and draw their attention towards your institutions goals. They include students, faculty staff, alumni, different academics, business professionals from specific industries, public, media and all authorities that are responsible to ensure better grade in UGC and other units. It is the best way and of course necessary for effective outreach for the reason of different tactics and resources that are required to engage each of these groups.

  • Creating audience relevant programs and communications
  • Organizing a compelling program to address people’s interest and goals
  • Attracting audiences and give them good reasons to thing about your institute
  • Reaching the right students and present them your institute in an impressive way
  • Reaching the right faculty and staff to create a better academic environment
  • Reaching Alumni and external audiences
  • Using more resources and apply all the techniques to convert any event into a grand success

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How to Attract Students to your Institute

Competition in every domain and industry has persuade people to think deeply to give more than 100% to stay firm in competition and to retain existing customers.

Education domains is not an exception of this as competition can be seen in this domain; especially with the inception of a number of world-class educational institutes, accreditation from world’s top universities, better placement record and above all an amazing and world-class environment and infrastructure.

Attract Students to Institute

Here, it is more important to attract students, who have a passion of achieving new heights in their academic career and zeal to reach on the top of their professional career.

When it comes to attract students for different courses in your institute, it depends on different things like educational environment, events, and way of marketing to reach target audience and a lot more.

Not forget to mention competitions and parent interactions as they also play an important role in making an institution the right one to take admission.

Alumni selection, professors, staff and use of all the innovative tools and devices also make an institute the right choice to get admission.

Social Media Marketing


The Innovative and Most Demanding Mode of Marketing to Make Anything Popular
Digitization has captured all domain and industries as its significant importance can be seen everywhere.


Now, those domains from different industries verticals that are moving total digital modes of advertising and marketing are gaining momentum and moving on the growth of success.

Social Medial Marketing is a part of digitization that lures target audience more easily and instantly.


Social Media Marketing for Institute

Social Media Marketing has become a platform – easily accessible to anyone with internet access.

Being an inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns, it has become an innovative way of increasing communication to foster brand awareness and often improved customer services.


It is truly a next big thing and a powerful fad that brings numerous added benefits of let any organization or company move on the track of success.

Instagram Marketing Activity

Instagram Marketing for education institutes

Instagram has been gaining popularity in the recent past and more number of students are using this service as social networking tool to share photos and small videos.

Education institutes should take advantage of it. Education institutes should post images / photos and strategic videos like student testimonials, educational event details along with competitions for the students.

Usage of hashtags is important so that your post would be reachable to more number of students and parents.


Stay in Touch with Students through Remarkable Presence of Different Social Networking Sites

For an educational institute or a business management school, it is a buzzword that is no lesser than a miracle because a big part of young generation is on different social medial platforms.

Having an impressive Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin account, presence at Instagram and pages or profiles on different other social networking sites is certainly the best way of reaching target audience more instantly.

You can create event pages or organize events to invite students. Majority of youngsters have their presence on Facebook and Twitter. They often create their own groups and invite more people. Your institute’s presence will be effective there.

Educational Events Attracts Students and Parents Altogether to Create Awareness about Education Environment

Educational event are one of the most powerful tool of drawing attention of students, parents and guardians as well as different coaching classes where students do preparations to crack entrance exams or in hope of achieving good grades.


Different conferences, congresses, webinars and webcasts, are very helpful in making your institution’s presence on front page of different newspapers and educational magazines.


These events offer a variety of opportunities for professional development, encompassing webinars, seminars, workshops, round tables and annual conferences that provide with a flexible means of advance, change, focusing on your career and future growth.

Such events are also helpful for your existing students to move on the track of success and better career.

Parent Interaction Is another Essential Point to Make Your Educational Institution Popular

It is one of the essential steps that always play an important role in making your institution popular. Parents and guardians always try to know the progress graph of their children.

Parent Interaction is the right step that help them in stay with the institution; while provide them a better way of focusing on their children’s growth and academic career.

Organizing such meetings at least once in a month or sending them emails at a regular intervals will help parents to track their children in collage in the right way.

Competition classes, different exams and tests regularly or at regular intervals also play an important role in improving students’ knowledge base and make them sharp to face competitions.

There are different other activities that play a pivotal role in making any educational institution popular among students for different diploma and degree courses.

Use of Videos to communicate with Students


According to latest statistics video contents are going to dominate marketing with more than 80% of the users preferring video contents. As an educational institute you need to design, develop contents which are intuitive, informative in the form of videos.

Video marketing is becoming cost effective and best method to attract student community. Tools like Lumen5 provides you options to convert your blog post into videos, there is also facility to upload images and convert it into videos.

It can be used as an integral part of your social median marketing strategy.

Video Marketing

Here is one such example of institute using videos for marketing of their courses

Here is another video of University using Video to Promote Courses

Use chatbots for Lead Generation

Chatbots are Artificial Intelligence (AI driven) method to interact with your website visitors. Gone are the days, when you have traditional enquiry form on the website to be filled by the students.

Facebook Chatbot for admission Queries

Chatbots helps to accelerate inquiry generation process. You can deploy chatbot with simple scripts to be added on the website.

Chatbot is virtual assistance to students visiting your website or social media page on facebook.

Chat bot can manage following things in automated manner

  • Responding to Frequently asked questions by the students
  • Providing Brochure to students who have shown interest for the course
  • Directing students to Application Form Filling Process
  • Providing Social Media Page info to students
  • Lead Generation by collecting information like Name, Mobile No, Student interest etc.

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So usage of technology and social media is essential to attract more students. You can try out all platforms of social media and based on effectiveness you can concentrate on top platforms as per your experience.

Here is the feedback from one of the university using our services


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