3 Steps to Launch Online Training Course

Online Training is gaining momentum as people are becoming techno savy. Usage of internet , smartphones is increasing. In india sale of smartphones and usage of internet over mobile devices is increasing from the last 2-3 years time. Education segment should keep in sync with the technology adoption and it has provided opportunity to scale teaching learning process with the use of technology. Technology can help educational and training institutes to scale quickly and reachout to more students. It is cost effective and quick way to introduce quality educational contents/ courses and certifications.
Here are 3 important steps to be taken to launch Online Training Courses

Online Training Enrollmet Process

Online Training Enrollmet Process

1. Define Online Enrollment Methodology

In order to reach out to more people , Admission process should be simple and online where student can login and submit online form and make form fee/ Course fee payments without any hassle of offline form filling process.
Simplified online admission process helps prospect to enroll to your course easily without following manual process of form filling. Online Form Filling can be effectively integrated in Social media advertisements to get more applicants for your course.

2. Share Course Contents/ study materials online and offline with students

Course contents can be delivered over online mode of internet and there should also be mechanism to deliver it offline mode. Platform like Eklavvya.in can help you to deliver contents online as well as in the form of CD which runs on single device and can not be copied to other devices to avoid copying of contents. Quality contents with techno delivery can help you to attract more students for the course.

3. Conduct Online Assessments of the students

Online assessment can help students to appear for the practice exams from any location. Technology like Eklavvya.in helps students to understand their strong and weak areas and students can work on the specific areas to improve their scores for the subsequent examinations. Online assessment also reduces cost of managing examinations and assessment process. Students get to know about result instantly after completion of the exam.

Online Examination System

About Eklavvya

Eklavvya.in is an Online Examination Platform used by many universities, Professional Training Institutes, Colleges to manage their Entrance Exams, internal assessments of the students. Currently more than 100,000 exams have been conducted on this platform. It is cloud based platform with autoscale facility to manage examinations of any scale.



Ninad Panse

-CEO DSK International Campus Pune

Eklavvya.in helped us to enhance our examination process. Students are able to appear for the online exam without any difficulty and results are generated instantly. Eklavvya has helped us to save cost of conducting entrance examinations

Top 5 things to check for Online Examinations Platform

If you are looking to implement Online Examination platform for your institute then it is essential to understand new platform implications in terms of process change, automation, security aspect during online examination process.


computer based Online Examination

Online Examination

1. Defining the Process:

While traditional examination has defined process, it is important to understand process changes related to online examination. Technology infrastructure is needed compared to traditional classrooms so that each student can have single computer for the exam.

Apart from infrastructure there should be power backup to manage smooth processing of the examination. Infrastructure setup is one time activity and it would provide huge cost saving for subsequent online examinations to be conducted.

2. Technology Security:

Online Examination platform should be secure and it should have proper mechanism to store results and responses of each student along with timer management.

Platforms like Eklavvya provide secure way to manage all such information. Platform should be secure to handle scalability when hundreds of students simultaneously appearing for the exam.

3. Prevention of Copying:

Online examination is generally included objective questions and each student get random sequence of questions. So it prevents copying of the answers by the students. There is timer for each student so exam gets finished as soon as timer show no time remaining.

Since question sequence for each student is different and pattern of exam is same, such exam can be conducted over the period of time instead of having thousands of students simultaneously appearing for the exam.

4. Automation of Authentication:

Online Assessment solution like Eklavvya provides automated authentication with Web Camera photo capture. It can capture image of the student sitting in front of computer during random times. Similar to web camera capture there can be facility of biometric authentication so that need of examiner gets reduced.

Online Exam System

Online Exam System

5. Cost Saving :

While analyzing overall cost saving institute can look at the long term and short term aspect. Platform like Eklavvya is available with cloud hosting pay as you go model so investment related to software is zero.

However if your institute does not have IT infrastructure then there will be initial investment related to purchase of computers, networking devices etc.

                                                                                           Eklavvya (Online Exam/Assessment Engine)
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Technology to improve student assessment process and online examinations!!

Student assessment and evaluation is crucial step in overall student assessment, understanding strong, weak areas. Proper assessment process helps student to get proper feedback for Competency Level,weak areas and based on such reports overall improvement can be targeted. Many institutes, finishing schools  are trying to use technology in student assessments and conducting online evaluation tests.


Use of technology in student assessment helps institute to improve accuracy , reduce administrative cost significantly and such model is scalable to accommodate more number of students for the evaluation process. Students also find it easy to appear for online assessment process and it can also provide you instant feedback,analysis, result and ranking of whole batch. It certainly reduces overall timeline of managing evaluation/examination process of the student.


Online assessment also takes study on the fast track for the student. There comes significant positive shift in overall learning process and learning /evaluation process becomes enjoyable experience.


Knowledge management is also important area in the education where technology can be effectively used to improve knowledge sharing process. Most of the times notice board, knowledge journals , professor’s suggestions goes unnoticed and education institutes fail to set standard mechanism for knowledge sharing and management among students, faculty. Technology can effectively make overall knowledge management process simpler.

Student Online Assessment Engine

Student Online Assessment Engine