TeachR to Standardize Teacher Training Institutes

Teachers, the Stepping Stones

Teachers are the steps which help you reach different heights of your life. Education at any stage is important. You will need a different teacher at every new stage of your life. Teachers are not only those who are there in your schools or colleges, but they are all those who teach you something. There are various institutes which are currently operative in the field of teaching teachers so that they can provide best education to the teachers regarding all the prospects involved in the profession. There are different courses in special institutes especially designed for teachers or professors to teach them how to face students and how to keep them motivated towards studies.

TeachR rankings and accreditations to the institutes imparting teacher education

Governing Authorities Prevailing in the System

Education system in India is controlled by the Human Resource Department of Government of India. They issue various rules and regulations regarding all the aspects of education throughout India. There are various reforms implemented during these years. A specific body namely “The National Council for Teacher Education” is working for the development and up gradation of the standards of teacher’s education. A brand new framework has been developed by them to categorize the level of education provided by various institutes in the field of providing teacher education. The main motive behind the framework is to create a benchmark for these institutes for achieving academic excellence in teacher education.

New System of Ranking Institutions in India: TeachR

The new initiative is known as the “TeachR”, which will give rankings and accreditation to the institutes imparting teacher education. It is still not implemented as it is still in the drafting stage, but will soon be operative, as and when it gets approved by the relevant authorities. The outputs of these programs will be seen over the years but what we can expect is that they would surely increase the standard of education in our country. The council in this process has conducted various activities to know the suggestions of various experts so that they come to know where they can improve or what they can add in their present framework for better future results.

As per a well known newspaper, the council has already held some consultations and has received around 30,000 suggestions already. They have been looking on all the suggestions and are working on the same, as known from a core member of the council. They are concentrating on the better techniques which they can implement to develop the teachers and in a way all the students across India. They have decided some criteria on which the rankings would be based and they have also accompanied the same with some exceptions in case of superior or high performing institutions. They would be eligible to opt out of this process, provided they are tested on two grounds, i.e. physical assets and learning outcomes. They will weed out the colleges and institutions who fail to comply with these standards and might cancel their registration as well.

Courses and Certifications Involved

The course to become qualified as teacher or professor is B.Ed. (Bachelor in Education) followed by M.Ed. (Master in Education). The colleges providing these degrees will be categorized into 4 categories (A, B, C, and D). Starting from the bottom, if any college gets D grade than they would be asked to surrender their license and stop all its activities on immediate basis. Moving to C grade, they would be given a time period of 12 months to get at par or else they would be also asked to close the institute.

Moving Forward

With implementation of “TeachR” it is expected that all the dummy (fake) degree certificates of teachers circulating in the market would be stopped up. It is important to standardize the system of issuing mark sheets and degrees as well. So a QR based system of issuing degree certificates and mark sheets is suggested to be implemented as well in order to keep up with the authentication of the whole system.




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