Top 3 things to do to Automate Admission Process of your Institute.

When it is time for admission process , most of the institutes opt for traditional approach of publishing advertisement in newspaper, inviting applications, manually  screening applications, documents etc. Admission process is entry point for the prospective student and simplification would help institute to attract more students.

1. Standardize the process :  

First crucial thing is to be seen if admission process across various levels preschool, primary school, high school etc is standardized or not. If there is

different process for each level then student/parents would get frustrated due to time consuming process.

Online Admission


2.Use Technology :

Automating admission process by using online admission platform like would help to simplify the process and it would also results in cost saving related to administration. In such scenario students/parents need not have to stand in the queue and entire process can be executed in paperless manner with students uploading required documents along with online form fee payment.


3.Training People for Technology :

Even if technology is in place  for the help, it is important to use it in proper way to maximize benefits out of it. People who are going to use technology should have detailed knowledge of the system and its effectiveness. Effective training to end user will increase effectiveness of the system and system can be integrated in the culture of the institute. Without training of the system, its use might not be helpful to automate admission process.



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