Top 4 Techniques to Make Online Examination System Secure

Online Examination Trends

Traditional  paper based examination is getting replaced with online examination. It offers effective mechanism to conduct exams with reduced administrative cost. Majority of the entrance exams in education institute, recruitment exams for hiring, certification exams from professional certification authorities , psychometric tests to assess personality are conducted online.

Importance of Security During Online Exam

Online examination system offers scalability and flexibility to manage end to end process of question paper pattern till result processing. However security aspect of online examination process is critical to overcome malpractices or unauthorized access to the information.

Following are some of the Techniques to Make Online Exam Secure

Online Examination System Security

A. Secure Browser :

Secure Browser Technology prevents users from opening any other window while online examination process is going on. User is allowed to access only examination window. Access to keyboard short cuts for copy paste, screen capture is prevented completely.

Eklavvya provides secure browser technology so that online examination process can be conducted in secure manner.

Secure Online Examination System

B. Remote Proctoring

Online examination Process can be automated for invigilation or proctoring process.

Image Capturing : System captures images of the candidate appearing for the exam after certain intervals (e.g. 30 seconds). It helps to identify and authorize exam candidate sitting at remote location.

Video Streaming: Online Examination system can also stream video of the candidate. Remote Proctor can login to the system to check live streaming of the candidate.

C. Data Encryption

Eklavvya Online examination system data has been encrypted to prevent misuse. Question Bank and exam data is stored in highly secure encrypted manner. Entire communication between server and examination client is also encrypted with https mode of communication.

D. Audit Logging

Eklavvya Online Examination System provides detailed audit logging facility where activities like Login, Logout, exam access, question navigation, answer responses like events are recorded in the system.

IP based Authorization and Authentication : In case of admin login it is possible to have IP based authentication so that users trying to login from specific IP are allowed to access system.








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