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The story of ePravesh

We believe Indian youths have the ability to transform and bring enormous changes in the way India operates. Our story is no different than most of the young Indians. In this post, we are trying to walk you through a brief introduction about how ePravesh was conceived and what are the thoughts behind it.

As we have mentioned earlier, we are like an average Indian youth. The only difference we have from others is we are highly motivated, ambitious, believe in a lot of struggle and strongly believe that with our efforts we can change the way things happen around us. We are from an average Indian middle class family. We struggled a lot during our formal years of education, be it high-school, junior college and engineering. As most of us do, we also joined Indian software industry after engineering. Since none of us had any corporate family background, we made huge mistakes in the initial stages, learned from them. But during all these stages of education, we constantly felt an urge to see things happening differently around us, be responsible for the changes we wanted to see in the society around us, be inspirational for the people around us so that we can have a great thinking society. We believed post graduation would give us correct exposure, a big vision and help us move towards making our thoughts into some form of practicality. We got ourselves confused over whether a technical post-graduate degree / business oriented post-graduate degree suits us better. Based on our interests we chose the most appropriate one.

We got admitted into reputed B-school / technical school and faced lot of challenges in the International environment. Different personal and professional experiences we received during our stay at graduate schools taught us many important lessons, which we would have never received otherwise. The stay at graduate school made us more professional, more mature in our approach towards our professions and our lives. Post graduation from a reputed school is thus extremely important, if one wants to have correct exposure. It brings lot of changes in one’s attitude of looking towards different things. Once graduate school was over, we again faced the herculean task of what next? Do we want to settle abroad, have a great lifestyle, live without worrying about what is happening back in our home country, be successful in the corporate career etc.

The constant urge to have some thing of our own, the constant feeling that India needs to be built by its own people and its youth used to trouble us always. So after lot of confusion and self doubts, we decided to pursue our dreams or at least make a sincere attempt towards it. We were lucky to find the correct opportunities and correct set of people to support us at various stages during this initiative.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. We constantly face lot of hurdles. We meet with new problems each day. People around us many times act both as inspiration as well as de-motivators. Finance is the huge hurdle an entrepreneur always faces. We are managing to find some solutions towards it. During all this time, we are observing one common thing, if one wants to do something good, good people do support it in most of the cases. It is on us to know whom to approach for correct support. In most of the cases people do not want to take an initiative. This is a psychological finding. Self driven people who want to do something different, bring some change either good / bad are very few. Very few percentage of the people control the way world operates. 95% people follow the proven and tested trend.

We have started with a great vision. We believe in making transformation to the way Indian education system operates today. We believe use of technology is solution to many of the problems we face today. We live in an information age, where big transformation could be brought in with the correct use of information. We worship “Google” for bringing the change in the way World Wide Web operates today and making information available throughout, at ones fingertips. We believe in bringing transformations, in the way an average Indian educational institute operates. We believe quality education is not the privilege of only a few. We strongly believe correct education will make Indian youth think in the correct direction. We want to make use of technology prevalent in Indian education system.

Admission system is one of the first steps where a student gets introduced with an institute of his / her choice. Current admission system in its manual nature not only is more error prone, time-consuming and trouble some but it suffers from some serious problems in terms of administration from institutes point of view. ePravesh is an attempt to bridge this gap with technical solution of using existing Internet infrastructure, to make admission procedure online under a single portal. We believe in a vision where students will find it easy to have a single point of access, for all their admission related problems. We believe in providing a hassle free, convenient and user-friendly online admission system. This is our initial attempt to make lives of all Indian students slightly better than what it used to be previously. We believe this single small step we have taken today, will guide us for similar initiatives in the future.

Admission Queue
Admission Scene at Education Institute

ePravesh is a sincere attempt towards making our dreams true, for a better India, for its people, by its people. And we require your guidance, support and feedback to make this venture a success.



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